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The Sandbox
No microtransations / IAPs
5 март 2013 - The Sandbox

Hi everybody

Following the first comments and debate, we wanted to notify you that the game will be reworked specifically for Steam version and that it will be most likely a premium game with no microtransactions.

Please keep supporting us and we will bring to Steam the exact games you guys are awaiting!

Thank you
Pixowl Team

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Breach 9 октомври 2013 в 3:57след. 
I love you who ever you are right now so so soooo much. This is a very meritorious decision on your part , you have my full support and respect.
dhK | pbnj 29 септември 2013 в 9:13сут. 
Love the Android version. Love the idea of a premium PC version even better!
Mitt Jagger Romney 23 юли 2013 в 11:41сут. 
Sonictheawesomehog 6 юли 2013 в 4:23сут. 
people are just idiots it says NO microtransactons so why are you still complaining OH IT MUGHT HAVE THEM AHH! if this game gets greenlit im gonna go crazy it looks AWSOME!
ShaoQuinn 15 юни 2013 в 7:59след. 
heck YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
evelyn 9 април 2013 в 2:09сут. 
there IS micro stuff about it. microtransactions are small transactions that are usually under $5 and they only give you a small thing in return. regular transactions are usually for larger items
[+] hadji 12 март 2013 в 9:21след. 
There's nothing micro about it aside from being a stupid buzz word. They're just transactions. And they're in there to nickel and dime everyone to death.

tl;dr: what Roy - Zombie Stusher said.
Felix 11 март 2013 в 1:52след. 
Yes. Do want. (zero microtransations)
Roy - Zombie Stusher 11 март 2013 в 10:18сут. 
If the "most likely" becomes "for sure", then thank you.
Banjobot 11 март 2013 в 9:36сут.