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Fractured Soul
PAX Australia and local coop mode
22. juli 2013 - Endgame Studios

A big thank you to everyone who played Fractured Soul at PAX Australia last weekend. It was incredibly busy at the PAX Indie Showcase and Fractured Soul was played pretty much constantly from 10am to after 6pm every day. It seemed like everyone enjoyed their experience with the game.

Just before PAX, we added a goofy little feature to the build: local coop. We had tried it ourselves as a bit of a laugh, but the folks who played it at PAX really liked it! So I think we might just keep it in there. Some people even said they'd play the game just for the coop aspect.

Preparing for PAX diverted a bit of our very limited resources, but we're back on the PC version of Fractured Soul - hopefully not too far off a release now.

Thanks again for all the support - and let's keep those Greenlight votes coming!

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Daniel Fortesque 25. jul 2013 kl. 5:46pm 
Great game
Mr Blonde 24. jul 2013 kl. 3:24am 
Honestly wicked game and way more fun coop!
[BAU] Velvet Remedy 23. jul 2013 kl. 2:36am 
Thank you so much for showing it. It was definitely awesome to play.