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6. desember, 2013 - RAGameSound

Before beginning work on SoundSelf, I spent most of my time making sound effects for independent games like Antichamber, The Stanley Parable and Capsule[]. In this video, I go through some of the unique sound design challenges SoundSelf presents to me, and how I've approached those challenges.

Special thanks to the awesome Tina Rodriguez for her musical generosity.

18. november, 2013 - RAGameSound

Here are some more ideas I've been experimenting with. Aside from "fields", I think all of these are pretty beautifully successful, and I look forward to exploring them more fully in game.
This is based on a wind-powered sculpture a friend of mine posted on facebook:
This is the most direct exploration of mandala forms I've experimented with so far. It began as an attempt to create gravitational orbits, but I abandoned that in favor of greater symmetry, which I think works well for SoundSelf in general.
This one's really meh. I was experimenting with interference and aliasing, but it just... meh. That was a rabbit hole that lasted most of the day... but once I abandoned it...
This came out much more awesomely. It was inspired by this:

BTW, I totally love it when people send me cool trippy gifs and artstuff. It really really inspires me. So if there's a thing you'd like to share, please do so in the Greenlight comments! A soundselfy version of it may end up in the game.

11. november, 2013 - RAGameSound

SoundSelf[] currently has one audio-visual form (or "story", as we call it) - a tunnel of light with an orb in the center. Exploring this story has given us a lot of leverage to fine-tune the interactivity. But we want SoundSelf to contain many different stories and seamlessly move between them as you play.

I've spent the last week jamming on new ideas. Most of them are pretty uninteresting, but some have a lot of potential! Below are some of the first sketches that could be expanded into future stories.

I'll be live-streaming the rest of the jam this week! You can tune into my channel[] and click "follow" to be alerted when I start the broadcast. Don't be shy! I want to hear your voice! :-)

Last Week's Jam
This form comes from creating an array of simple shapes, and have them constantly rush towards the player.
This is a radically different sort of visual form, and it's super elegant. By determining the particle's shape based on its location in x/y/z space, the center being zero (no variation), a blinking circle appears in the center. Totally accidental, but awesome emergent beauty like this is what makes these systems so powerful (more on that from Evan in a future blog post). This form could be expanded to feel like star systems, oceanic particles, or geometric forms like grids and spirals.
Normally, when I use the harmonograph the resolution (how many lines make up the curve) is like a ceiling limiting the complexity of the shape. Here, I've tried sharply reducing that ceiling, so changes in resolution itself have a dramatic impact on the shape of the form. I don't necessarily see myself building a story around this, but knowing that adjusting resolution is itself an aesthetic tool is valuable.

7. november, 2013 - RAGameSound

Let's work together.

Returning from the weeks of festival hopping, we're becoming increasingly aware of the therapeutic potential of SoundSelf. I've had the great fortune of meeting people with stories of either themselves or close relations struggling with any number of neurological challenges, from autism to schizophrenia. They've told me they believe SoundSelf could be a tool for them. I would like to be able to help, and I would also love to use your knowledge to make the experience more powerful.

While I have some reach in this quirky corner of the game world, I don't know how to navigate the web of conferences and blogs that medical and mindfulness practitioners use. Additionally, researching the means for applying SoundSelf therapeutically, and then executing on that knowledge, have an uncertain time cost that we must balance against development.

If you believe you can use SoundSelf to help yourself or a friend, or if you think it would be valuable to your field of expertise, please let us know[]. I am eager to share and learn.

29. oktober, 2013 - RAGameSound

Very serious talk in a Nottingham Chippy:
(25 minutes, plus conversation at end)


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