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Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
First Dreamfall Chapters trailer released!
28 de fevereiro de 2013 - Red Thread Games

IGN has an exclusive reveal of the first Dreamfall Chapters trailer! Check it out now!

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24 comentário(s)
IcE 11/set/2013 às 3:57 
Thank you valve:D:D:D luv ya:D
NFKilljoy 1/set/2013 às 13:28 
just awesome
Raja 3/jul/2013 às 10:43 
The Uberduderofdoomer 19/abr/2013 às 17:00 
Sawyer 4/abr/2013 às 10:29 
At last! I just can't waitttttttt
Craray 10/mar/2013 às 4:19 
Someone make a a time machine or freeze me! I'm not going to be able to wait this long!
tazamiga 7/mar/2013 às 2:43 
sorry must buy:)
tazamiga 7/mar/2013 às 2:43 
I just can't see how it couldn't possibly be a much buy hey?
Asteromeda 5/mar/2013 às 12:21 
so happy!
ShivaNata 4/mar/2013 às 22:29 
I am so glad to see Martin Bruusgaard working with Ragnar Tornquist. It was a shock when funcom laid him off but he had a job shortly after with the new Red Thread Games founded by Ragnar. Just can't wait for the next chapter in this great game series.