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March 9, 2013 - Kuma

So Auston may have beaten me to it already but a newer version should be up tonight. The idea is to give the players a slightly smoother difficulty curve - let us know what you think!

So we've received a lot of negative feedback regarding the controls - as such, default controls are being changed to WASD and J(shoot), K(dash), SPACE(jump). This was the original control scheme. Please note that we really suggest using a gamepad - PS3/XBOX whatever. Right on the opening screen are links to three keymapping/gamepad using programs, 1 for Windows, Mac and Linux. We highly recommend you do that, especially for co-op; the game is exceedingly difficult to map 2 players to on a standard keyboard with no numpad support (flash limitation, sorry).

Design note: Auston is pluggin away at the bugs he already knows about, I have a few he doesn't know about that I found and a few players have submitted feedback regarding design choices and their experiences which is awesome. We want to say that we have decided that implementing online play is a goal now - but it is pushed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Like, #80 on the list of things that need doing. There are game and design elements that need to be polished and altered before we add that capability in.

Once Auston finishes up his current list of bug hunting, then changes a certain visual thing (you'll know it if you play often!) he plans on getting the leaderboards live. Give us some feedback on what you want to see!

Also, one other thing - congrats to HappyWulf for knocking down 16 bosses on this particular incarnation of BF2.Bro! That's more than Auston or I could do solo. To commemorate his submitting a video (very humorous to watch) of his progression and 16 boss run, I've made a temporary leaderboard on the main page of our website, - look for the orange part!

Kuma Out ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

March 9, 2013 - PIIDX

Check it out:

Been tackling a bit of cleanup on this first update. Here's what you'll find changed:

[x] Increase player invincible time to 1 second
- Got a lot of feedback that the player's invincibilty should be as long as the bosses. I like this change and think it really helps with those bullet hell sections.

[x] Reduce the amount of damage the boss does on contact
- It was a bit high. It's a temp fix at the moment. Right now it does 1 damage. Soon, it'll increase as the boss levels up. Reason I'm going to fix that is because in higher levels, it's better to run into the boss than take a hit from a bullet. That doesn't sit quite right with me...but you can take advantage of that now :D

[x] Reduced the boss's starting stats
- The boss isn't easier, but the ramp from the beginning is a little more smooth. The boss will get as tough as you are, so don't worry about the game getting too easy.

[x] Decrease player hit box (no hair)
- I adjusted the positioning of the player sprites which resulted in three things. One, the collision box doesn't include that hair. Why should it? The hair is immortal and perfect. Two, the sprites are centered so the collision box is more accurate no matter which direction your character is facing. Three, the collision box is slightly smaller. Helps fitting in some of those tight minefields.

[x] Tutorial screen for 2nd player
- It's cool to know what your buttons are if you're the second player! Now you will!

[x] Elevator & Bros behind upgrade text
- Just a depth issue. Now the upgrade text is above the elevator.

[x] Change default controls
- They were terrible. I tried to balance having decent default controls for both players so you could hop into co-op. What resulted was terrible controls for single player. Now it's WASD, J,K, and Space. This is my favorite configuration so far. If you're going to play co-op, you'll likely have to set up something that's comfortable for you and your bro. But honestly, true bros use gamepads.

Next up - I'm going to take a break from this bug fixing and make the game cooler. There will be more colors. COLORS!

- Auston

March 6, 2013 - PIIDX

I'm stoked to let you all play the beta version of BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO!!!!


Hopefully you're reading the rest of this after slaying a legion of bosses. As you may have noticed, the game isn't 100% completely awesome. That's because it's not done yet! And that is why we're releasing this game now: so we can get feedback from all of you radical bros on how to make this game the best. Anything you think of, let us know! Post in the comments below and tell us what you think. Features, bugs, totally awesome runs; we want to know it all!

We will be updating the game frequently. I still spend a large portion of my day earning money to eat, so I won't be updating the game at every moment. But, it will be frequent. Going to shoot for every other day or so.

To get started, here is a list of the major things I want to fix right now:

[ ] Elevator & Bros behind upgrade text
[ ] Tutorial screen for 2nd player
[ ] Decrease player hit box (no hair)
[ ] Remove lead in time to all patterns
[ ] Replace all DashY with MoveY
[ ] Remove menu close button (credits?)
[ ] Change instructions text
[ ] Player death particle
[ ] Hide pause camera box on load
[ ] Menu button colors
[ ] Fullscreen
[ ] Reduce game file size
[ ] Hurt animation hair extended too far
[ ] Cralwer trail short bug
[ ] Bullet gun offsets
[ ] Missile wall stick
[ ] Nudge button highlighted text
[ ] Don't restart music on level load
[ ] Remove cursor on TOODX screen
[ ] bullet missiles don't fire bullets on wall impact

These are just minor issues and bugs. Larger features aren't listed here, as that's the next step. I have my ideas what these are...but we'll see what you say.


- Auston

March 1, 2013 - Kuma

BETA IS UP! Check announcements for bug list and play it here[]!!

Auston is down in the dungeons, coding away like a slave good little code monkey so I have the power.... mwahahahaha. Keep your eyes here for the beta announcement which should be soonish! UPDATES: 4 down, 1 to go! Slight problem - facebook requires SSL or better and we are looking at other avenues now for a few reasons

Steps til beta:
eating cake
Making a slight difficulty tweak.
Site Locking.
Creating a facebook page for private beta.
[strike[b]Going around facebook[/b][/strike]

Kuma out ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

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