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March 23, 2013 - Kuma

Just throwing this out there, no guaranties that it will come out, but.... what do y'all think of the idea of a vs mode? Either the two radical bros fighting each other OR .... 1 player is the boss?

Both things have come up recently as things we might be able to do during talks around the studio, so lets get some feedback! Is this something y'all would like to do, or is it not interesting?

Let's keep it to the discussion page - either jump in on one of the established ones or start a new one! Thanks y'all!

Kuma out ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

March 20, 2013 - Kuma

Yo! We have, in the past week, enjoyed seeing several youtube videos about Bosses Forever (including one from Northernlion which sent us like, 3k views) and one review by Indie Statik. Those people are awesome - you should be awesome too and show off your skillz. I tried.... but my skillz don't include videography. I haz trouble talking while playing although I do brag to my cat (she was unimpressed with my exclamations of victory).

If you want to see that particular run (to boss 15 in one go), you can find it on youtube. Have fun, play hard, slay bosses!

And thanks again to the aspiring video reviewers! That was wicked kewl to see/hear. Especially when one reviewer, upon getting hit by a boss, calmly told the boss that he was a sugarpuff. I almost peed myself laughing.

March 19, 2013 - PIIDX

PAX :]

So I (Auston) will be spending this weekend at the great mecca of nerddom. PAX is always the best weekend of the year. I make games for people, and PAX is a place where you get to share some of the greatest gaming experiences with those very people. Gaming is nothing without your best bro to share a story, or to back you up on that really tough boss. Fortunately, PAX houses 70,000 of your best bros.

We will not have a booth, but you may see me around. I'll be the only guy at a gaming convention carrying around a macbook. If you see us doing some boss runs, say hi and show us your skills! I'd love to play bro-op with you! Also, I'll be showing off the prototype to our next game. Sure, it's way too early to promote it publicly, but whatever. The joys of developing on our own; we make our own rules.

If I'm not slaying bosses, I'm probably playing ninja. Seriously, if you see a group of people in odd ninja poses, totally jump in on that.

Development on BOSSES FOREVER will slow down for a week while we celebrate the reasons we play and make games. Hope to see you there bros and ladybros.

- Auston

March 17, 2013 - Kuma

Hey fellow radical bros - quick announcement. We implemented a new version (with new bugs, of which we've found a few). Fullscreen is possible from the pause menu (hit p to enter the pause menu). It should work, there are a few bugs in it. You'll notice a difference in the tower and the bosses bullets. The tower changes colors as you climb it.

The bosses bullets will cycle through colors as they get more powerful, with each variation in color indicating 1 point of dmg. There are 20 colors - if you get him to cycle through to one you've already seen it is doing 20 + the color number dmg. I found this out the hard way when I was playing the new build and went "huh, he weakened his shots" decided to tank the hit and lost a bar and a half of health.

Have fun with the new build, slay some bosses, tell us what you think in the discussion page!

March 13, 2013 - Kuma

The boss will be pallete-swapping to indicate progression, no new boss sprites will be implemented Look for a design video soon.

The Boss is a pretty hardworking guy so we decided to reward him with.... a change of clothes. Kinda. We wanted to do something with the boss, and a few other assets, to indicate the progression up the tower of the player. Implementing it was mildly hard to do (Auston told me a bunch of code stuff and my eyes glazed open) but we've got it going in our private build. An update will be implemented soon.

However we will not be doing different boss sprites. I'm sorry but it isn't going to fit in with the design. Auston will be putting up a design video about the choice sometime after the next update where he will be talking about the decision in detail.

Considering that it is something that a lot of people are asking for, I felt that you all should know now that it won't be happening. We are sorry we can't fit it in without breaking the design with the amount of time we have left budgeted for this iteration of Bosses Forever.

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