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April 23, 2013 - TOO DX

Sup bros?

Version 2.06, that's what! There are a few bug fixes in this one, but two really awesome updates:

Tells: The boss has all sorts of new tells for attacks. This gives you a better hint as to which attacks the boss is going to do, and makes the boss feel less cheap when launching sporadic attacks. My personal favorite is the new missle lock on effect, as it strobes with the colors of my childhood.

Free range dashing: You can now dash whenever you want. This makes wall jumps easier in addition to giving you many more options when deciding how to dodge. Get that extra boost if you made a jump too late, or save that dash for after falling below a missile. The game allows smoother acrobatic movement, and in turn, much more boss destruction.

Send us feedback on the new features! How do you like them? Are you having any trouble wall dashing? Are the tells noticable?

Our next update will be a big one, and one of our last before the game comes out of beta. It's been a super awesome beta with you bros. Let's pop these collars and share the joy of boss destruction with the rest of the world.

- Auston