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March 20, 2013 - Kuma

Yo! We have, in the past week, enjoyed seeing several youtube videos about Bosses Forever (including one from Northernlion which sent us like, 3k views) and one review by Indie Statik. Those people are awesome - you should be awesome too and show off your skillz. I tried.... but my skillz don't include videography. I haz trouble talking while playing although I do brag to my cat (she was unimpressed with my exclamations of victory).

If you want to see that particular run (to boss 15 in one go), you can find it on youtube. Have fun, play hard, slay bosses!

And thanks again to the aspiring video reviewers! That was wicked kewl to see/hear. Especially when one reviewer, upon getting hit by a boss, calmly told the boss that he was a sugarpuff. I almost peed myself laughing.