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Planet Explorers
We Made It!
17 aprile 2013 - zede05

We made it. Thanks to everyone for your support!!!

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39 commenti
Farid 19 ago 2013, ore 17:15 
nice can't wait to play alpha :D
tyty52602 23 lug 2013, ore 18:13 
this game looks awsome i think it will be a hit if you can you should try to realease it on xbox
DeathSkull 16 lug 2013, ore 17:00 
Loved it! supporting with $100 go Planet Explorers!!!
FiN 21 mag 2013, ore 21:23 
Yes. Thank you and your group for game! Wait and hope =)
Prof. Dr. Mett. Dent. Gaeb Nooel 20 mag 2013, ore 1:59 
Does anybody knows when it comes out in steam?
J-Dawg 14 mag 2013, ore 1:22 
Awesome, another game to watch the clock got from 11pm to 5 am without blinking. Sleep deprivation here i come!
Dethstarr 3 mag 2013, ore 12:21 
Great news on this one. Looking forward to it.
alexl 2 mag 2013, ore 17:01 
OMG i cant wait for this game to come out i will so buy it
Doubledoor (Yosef) 1 mag 2013, ore 8:13 
Just found the game 2 days ago, looks VERY good!
[VIP] SlasHHero 24 apr 2013, ore 11:48 
yeeeey - Go 4 it