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Planet Explorers
105% on Kickstarter with 4 more days for stretch goals! #22 on Greenlight!
16. huhtikuu, 2013 - zede05

We made the 100K Kickstarter goal yesterday thanks to everyone's support! And with your continuing support, we are keeping going up to get the stretch goals! On Greenlight here, we are #22 at this moment, and again, that's because of your support! It's the final day before the new batch of Greenlit games announced. We still need your support. Every vote counts! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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10 kommenttia
pepe 2. touko, 2013 12.13 
нужно с ней работать и работать , а так впринципе не плохо!
get noscoped 21. huhti, 2013 17.14 
I wonder if the multiplayer will have a server browser, or just put in an ip?
Rende 21. huhti, 2013 7.11 
...mabye we will find a sleeping "Great Old Once".... out there.... Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.
man4ever 19. huhti, 2013 11.50 
Can't wait to get my closed Alpha/Beta copy with multi-player and work with your great team!
Magma Hunter 18. huhti, 2013 7.22 
please don't do stretch goals -_-'
_InfiniteUnknown_ 16. huhti, 2013 18.00 
I want it on steam now!!!
Lynfiord 16. huhti, 2013 15.06 
Congratz guys, now we want you on steam :D
Bradknight1994 16. huhti, 2013 13.19 
cant wait to hear if pe is coming to steam i really want to get it
Stickman[Sticki] 16. huhti, 2013 11.11 
✠ schattenmonster ✠ 16. huhti, 2013 9.10 
Yay! I will tell my friends to vote "YES" again!