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Cabby Gils
Update 1 :- 2 Features Added
24 februari, 2013 - gethued

We have updated Cabby Gils.

Feature #1:
Now there are two modes - Timed Mode & Free Play.
In Timed mode you have to win a level within the given time. In Free Play Mode there is no time limit.

Feature #2:
Added Navigation/Tracking. When the Player hits a customer, a trailing arrow shows the destination.

Thanks to everyone who have tried out our demo.
We request you all to download the new demo and try it out with your kids.

Demo Download - Update 1
{LÄNK BORTTAGEN}tinyurl.com/b6oqzw6


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sh0ck-wave 2 mar, 2013 @ 12:24am 
Much better with free play.
Keep plugging away at it :)