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Cabby Gils
April 19, 2013 - gethued

Hi Everyone

Cabby Gils has been released and is available for sale in our website for just $1.99
You can get both the mac and windows version for $1.99

Those who voted in favour kindly consider buying the full version of the game for your kids.
Major enhancements have been added to the game.

If the game gets through in Geenlight we will give your free steam codes.

Until then please support us by gaming the game from our website.


February 25, 2013 - gethued

Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments. We request that since this is a Kids game (4 to 12 yrs age) and if you have kid at home please download the game and gets his feedback before voting.
Thanks for your efforts.

February 24, 2013 - gethued

We have updated Cabby Gils.

Feature #1:
Now there are two modes - Timed Mode & Free Play.
In Timed mode you have to win a level within the given time. In Free Play Mode there is no time limit.

Feature #2:
Added Navigation/Tracking. When the Player hits a customer, a trailing arrow shows the destination.

Thanks to everyone who have tried out our demo.
We request you all to download the new demo and try it out with your kids.

Demo Download - Update 1


February 23, 2013 - gethued

The adventure mode is for seasoned player. Feel the action with 11 Different types of Enemy fishes with different attack modes, Different types of static and moving traps, bombs etc.

February 23, 2013 - gethued

Kids (and everyone else who wants to be a kid )are the target audience of this game. So if you are going to gift this game to a kid please consider it while voting.

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