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Assetto Corsa
March 28, 2013 - Kunos Simulazioni

The Ferrari F40, the last car to be made under Enzo Ferraris gaze, will appear in your garage in Assetto Corsa. A mid-engined supercar, made in 1987 to celebrate 40 years of Ferrari road cars; the F40 was the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car sold by Ferrari at the time. With a twin-turbocharged 2.9 litre V8 engine pushing out 471 horsepower, allied to a kerb weight of 1,100Kg, the F40 can find 60 mph from rest in under 4 seconds. And with a top speed over over 200 mph the F40 held the world speed record for production cars in its day. This two door coupe machine has been seen in posters on the wall of every teenage boy since its creation, and we're sure that you're going to love driving it in Assetto Corsa.

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March 15, 2013 - Kunos Simulazioni

The new 0.9.9 build of the Technology Preview of Assetto Corsa is now released.
Go get it here: Assetto Corsa website[]

Also check our new Technology Preview trailer on youtube!

March 6, 2013 - Kunos Simulazioni

Kunos Simulazioni are delighted to announce a new milestone for Assetto Corsa’s licenced
content: We are pleased to welcome McLaren!

This agreement allows the Kunos development team to enrich Assetto Corsa’s virtual garage
with two of the most desirable GT cars: The McLaren MP4-12c and the MP4-12c GT3. We hope
this agreement can satisfy both the street car enthusiasts, and the simracing drivers who, with
this addition, will get an amazing line-up for their GTR races in Assetto Corsa.

Marco Massarutto, Assetto Corsa's Project&Licensing Manager, commented:

"This addition proves our intention to continue to re-invest our earnings from netKar PRO with
officially licensed content, and to bring the most desirable cars to Assetto Corsa. This licensing
agreement is for all the motorsports enthusiasts and simracers enjoying the AC Technology
Preview demo, and also for all our new followers who decide to support us buying netKar PRO
in order to get the AC Technology Preview for free.
This is our way to thank all of you so much for the great response and feedback that gamers
and simracers have provided to us from the AC Technology preview, which has exceeded our
best expectations."

McLaren models will be provided as future additional contents, after the first release of Assetto
Corsa. Stay tuned on Assetto Corsa's channels to check out details on the making of McLaren
car models!

March 2, 2013 - Kunos Simulazioni

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new version of Assetto Corsa Technology Preview, available for download at

This software is a playable benchmark that allows gamers to test on their PCs the new DirectX11 graphics engine, the advanced user interface and in-game "App System", as well as the dynamic engine, driving a Lotus Elise SuperCharged on the italian racing track of Magione, reproduced using the Laserscan Technology in order to reproduce it at the maximum fidelity.

AC Technology Preview features four levels of driving assists, in order to meet the expectations of different kind of users: gamer, racer, pro, custom. It also includes two different game modes: free practice and hotlap.

AC Technology Preview supports all main types of control devices: keyboard, Xpad 360, customizable joypad, joysticks and steering wheels as well. It is also compatible with NaturalPoint Track IR.

The latest build improves some graphics features, guarantees a better compatibility with old control devices and adds 18 official Lotus liveries. More information about the changes of this version are reported in changelog.txt.

Minimum system requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8
CPU Dual Core
DirectX 10.1 graphics card with 1 GB RAM

AC Technology Preview is available as free download for all registered netKar PRO users: in order to allow more people to try the latest version, the current netKar PRO promotion price (-70%) is extended until 10 March 2013

People who are interested to download and activate it, can purchase a full copy of netKar PRO for only 4,99 Eur, until 10 March 2013. Visit to purchase your license now.


Assetto Corsa has been officially submitted to Valve's Greenlight!
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Why Assetto Corsa on Steam is good for you:

-faster downloads
-extensive customer care support
-join a larger racing community: more players, more contents, more licenses!
-help KUNOS dev team grow and improve AC with more contents and features for a long-term period
-Bigger community means lower prices for additional contents

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This AC Technology Preview is sponsored by Fanatec, one of the global leaders for high-end input devices for game consoles and PCs.: the close collaboration between Kunos Simulazioni and Fanatec has achieved one of the best solutions for the ultimate simracing experience. Fine tuning between the Assetto Corsa racing game and the ClubSport Series racing wheels, allows drivers to get the full potential out of both the software and the hardware. With their advanced features, unlimited options and innovative electronics, the Fanatec ClubSport Series deliver an impressive level of simracing performance by providing gamers with great devices that fully support all of Assetto Corsa´s racing tracks.

Try your CSW with Assetto Corsa for hot racing experiences. More information available at

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