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Murder Miners
Addressing "Rip-off" Comments
February 23, 2013 - JForce Ato

Hey everybody, thanks for all the support so far. It looks like we’re doing alright. Problem is, many people assume our game isn't novel enough, claiming they're "tired of block games" before they even give us a chance. If this is you, we challenge you to answer some of these questions.

Too long? Just read this: There's no other game quite like Murder Miners, even if it wasn't block-based. Block-based terrain allows destructible maps, lets players make maps more easily, & was easier to develop, so it was clearly a better choice than normal terrain.

If you say you’re tired of the look of block games...
Are you saying that these blocky games were visually appealing to you in the past, but no longer are? So much so that you don’t want to play them anymore? So if your favorite game of all time had a voxel remake, you wouldn’t be into it?

If you say you’re tired of the gameplay of block games...
Understand that blocky terrain is just one element of these games. They have the same type of terrain that’s able to be destroyed and usually built upon. That’s it. Apart from that the games could be wildly different. You would all agree that Team Fortress and Halo are very different games as far as shooters go. Now imagine if you kept everything the same but gave them blocky terrain. They’d still be very different games, right?

If you say there’s too many similar games...
Which games? Ace of Spades? Saying that Murder Miners doesn’t belong on Steam because of AoS is like saying Halo doesn’t belong on Steam because of TF2. The flawed logic here being that there’s only room for one FPS with blocky terrain. Why is it that there can only be one shooter with blocky terrain but thousands of shooters with normal terrain?

Differences between Murder Miners and Ace of Spades:
(We don't want to bash on AoS. We like the game. But listing the differences & advantages that MM has is clearly necessary.)

Biggest difference is that they don't even let you create your own server or your own maps. That’s really big. It almost defeats the whole point of voxels. One of the coolest parts of Murder Miners is playing on your favorite maps of all time and exploring all these creative new worlds that people make.

  • AoS doesn't have single player (no zombie survival) or split-screen.
  • AoS is class-based.
  • MM has Halo style gameplay (meaning no iron-sights, recharging health, the weapons, the balanced trifecta of guns/grenades/melee, etc.)
  • MM is much faster paced. MM has dashing, wall-jumping, zombie tentacle grab, smaller block size, futuristic setting and countless other little differences (another thing I don't like about AoS is that you can't sprint up a hill/ramp).
  • AoS doesn’t let you turn off destructible maps (which is what many MM players prefer...more on that below).
  • AoS is not on Mac. And it doesn’t have gamepad support.
  • Murder Miners will be cheaper.

Oh, and AoS is made by a big corporation that’s not nearly as involved with their community as we are. I see their players complaining about Jagex all the time. JForce on the other hand is actually very involved with the community. We listen, respond, and make sure that our fans are happy, and we’ve heard from them many times about how appreciative they are of this. We’ve really taken customer support to the next level.

Another thing...while we did look at AoS to see how they solved some design issues, we would have made MM even had that game never existed. A deathmatch FPS with block-based maps is a no-brainer.

So all that said, how could you say that you don’t want Murder Miners on Steam because of Ace of Spades? And any other game you bring up would have a big list of differences also. So how are we are not bringing anything new to the table?

A few more things:

Blocky terrain isn’t a just temporary visual fad, it has advantages
Big voxels are the easiest way to have destructible maps and to enable building. If we were to achieve this by some other means it would be very complicated, take much longer and be much more costly. Blocks also make map creation way easier, not only for us (which means we can focus our efforts elsewhere) but for our players (making maps is actually fun!) This is why just about every great map has been remade in Murder Miners. Just look at all these awesome remakes! Someone even remade the Hoth Battle from Star Wars:
So, if we went with normal terrain like 99.9% of all the other shooters out there, we wouldn’t have any user-made maps (since adding a level editor probably wouldn’t be feasible for our one programmer team) and you wouldn’t have the option of destructible maps and the ability to build on them.

There’s nothing wrong or shameful with making a block game
Just wanted to touch on this real quick because people like to accuse us of some sort of unethical behavior. Look, gamers are demanding these types of games for the reasons above, as evidenced by how successful these games are (profit signals demand). We’ve made our fellow gamers happy. Now you might say that we’re being lazy, that we should do more and go all out like StarForge or something, but we don’t have the budget/experience to make a game like that yet. Regardless, people have fallen in love with Murder Miners anyway, and we’re getting no requests for more complicated/innovative StarForge type stuff, so it doesn’t matter.

We drew way more from Halo CE than from any other game
It’s sorta funny that we get criticized for copying Minecraft but not a single person has criticized us for Halo likeness (at least not here on Greenlight). If you’re going to accuse us of ripping off a game at least get the game right. That said, our Halo players keep suggesting that we make the game even more like Halo, so we obviously didn’t copy it enough.

Murder Miners can stand on its own without the “Minecraft-style” selling point
This might be the most important point. A common misconception you guys have is that every block game is hanging their hats on this selling point, and that without it, the games are nothing. I’m sure that’s true for most of them but it’s not the case with Murder Miners.

Many of our players don’t even care about the whole block/destructible maps thing, especially the ones that are coming from a more competitive Halo background. When they play the game they actually turn off destruction/construction (I prefer it off also, at least for Murder Match). They just like the game because it’s fun/refreshing and/or it’s so similar to Halo CE. Our game was posted on just about every Halo forum out there because of this. This means the game could stand on its own with just normal, non-destructible terrain, unlike other block games.

We’ve actually always wanted to make a game like the first Halo. After our Kickstarter for Unstoppable[] failed we needed a new plan--it was the perfect time to make this FPS we’ve always wanted to make but with block-based maps. Why wouldn’t we?

So to sum up, Murder Miners is definitely a game we and our fans have a blast playing. If you’re overlooking it for any of the reasons above we urge you to think about what we've said here and give it a chance. You might just fall in love with it like so many others have.


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Nick15037805 Dec 7, 2013 @ 11:10pm 
How's this a Minecraft rip off? Minecraft and this game are 2 extremely different genres.
TheCommonknown Nov 1, 2013 @ 4:34pm 
i dont see how this is copying minecraft.

if he/she thought it was copying minecraft for have a blocky terrain wasnt their other games that had the terrain first and just because they did have the same terrain(blocks)
i dont see have it is even copying lol
Blood Gang Oct 19, 2013 @ 9:36am 
This game is the best indie game for the run with a ton of maps and a millions of combinations if you were to make your own map, if you dont like the controlls you can change them, if you dont like the maps, CHANGE THEM, in this game there are millions of possibilities so find them.
extrasvnny Oct 18, 2013 @ 3:13pm 
sorta odd when people are saying that this is a ripoff, since there are TONS of military fps games out there, and i don't see anyone yelling at DICE or infinity ward... so why whine about this being "another minecraft ripoff"?(not that i don't like battlefield or anything...)
Rhayu Oct 16, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
i have it on xbox..... and i cant WAIT for pc.... also minecraft was a rippoff of diamond miner and a couple other games......derp :)
MuseZach Oct 16, 2013 @ 10:58am 
I can't wait for vehicles.
mhearn1002 Sep 19, 2013 @ 2:55pm 
Murder Miners has better mechanics than Halo 4. In MM I can change directions really fast, which gives me the option of dodging my opponent's shots. Halo 4's movement is too slow and clunky to do that. The controls in MM are responsive and crisp, and the weapon sandbox is consistent and well balanced. Halo 4's weapon sandbox is inconsistent and random. This game is much more like Halo 1 than anything else.
Okami Amaterasu Sep 15, 2013 @ 3:35am 
This game on xbox is hellova lot more fun than Halo 4 in my opinion, and the devs are way more involved with the community. I was even talking to them at one point! Thats a first for me :) (MMBADBOI)
jordan Sep 12, 2013 @ 6:25pm 
Minecraft never ripped of Infinminer, the games are so vastly different so people stop saying that please. And this game is great, easily the best $1 I've ever spent in my life. UPVOTE NOW
Xorowolf Sep 12, 2013 @ 2:21pm 
I love this game on LIVE!