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Lords of Xulima
22 березня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

Numantian Games presents a video showcasing a few of the abilities of our 2D graphics engine. In this first look at our Engine, we show how we can create some of the environments you’ll see and effects you’ll be able to experience when you play Lords of Xulima:

  • Global lighting effects that allow us to create a day and night cycle
  • Dynamic lighting for torches, candles, lighting spells and more…
  • Bloom lighting effects
  • Atmospheric and climate effects: Rain, snow, wind, fog…
  • Automatic Collision detection through image analysis algorithms.

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14 березня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

We are happy to announce that Josef Gagnier will be the voice of Gaulen the Explorer, the protagonist of Lords of Xulima. We have updated our trailer to include his narration. We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to your feedback!

27 лютого 2013 р. - Numantian Games

We have updated our trailer for Lords of Xulima to help better represent our game. There are two main changes that have been made to the video:
- We have carefully revised and rewritten the text to correct the previous errors in translation. We thank you for your patience and want you to know that Lords of Xulima will be localized in Spanish and English by native speakers of each language.
- We also included a scene with the avatar running to show that players will have options for how fast they want their characters to move. Player choice is a very important element of Lords of Xulima and we want you to know you will be able to move at more than one pace.

We hope you enjoy the trailer and we look forward to your comments and feedback.

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