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Lords of Xulima
30 вересня 2013 р. - Numantian Games


For those who would like to know some more in-depth information about Lords of Xulima, we would like to invite you to our blog where we have written our thoughts about some of the more fundamental elements that make up our favorite games. On the blog we explore the various ways these elements have been implemented in the past and how we have decided to approach them in the creation of Lords of Xulima.

Here are a few of the topics we have written about while developing our game:

Pre-Made vs. Custom Characters[www.lordsofxulima.com]

This is a very interesting topic for us. When characters are premade it give the writers a chance to make them really well rounded and developed characters that can have interesting conversations with the other members of their party. However, this makes it much more restrictive for the player. On the other hand, if the player can create all of the party members, then that limits the amount of dialog and personality that can be written into the characters.

Death in party based RPGs[www.lordsofxulima.com]

What happens when a member of the party dies? Can they be resurrected? At what point, if any, is it actually 'Game Over'?

Food and Resting in RPGs[www.lordsofxulima.com]

How can the group be healed? Is it enough for them to be able to rest anywhere on the map? Do the party members need to eat as they are out adventuring?

Random Encounters[www.lordsofxulima.com]

This game mechanic requires a fine touch. When implemented well, it can create a suspenseful atmosphere in the game, a sense of danger that keeps things interesting. Implemented poorly, it can make the game tedious and frustrating.

Balancing in non-linear RPGs[www.lordsofxulima.com]

This is a complex topic and one on which each development company has their own philosophy and approach. Here you can learn how we are managing balancing in Lords of Xulima.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Please, visit our campaign at IndieGoGo.

16 вересня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign website to find more information about this project: our video, our goals, the rewards, and more:

(The video has both Spanish and English subtitles that you can access through the YouTube Closed Caption feature.)

Would you like to help make this campaign a success?

If you would like help us in our effort to make Lords of Xulima an even better game, please share the campaign link with your friends, on your favorite forums and on social networks. We would also love to get your feedback, please post your comments on the campaign forum or on Steam Greenlight.

Every action counts!

Email us at info@numantiangames.com telling us about what you have done to help and in addition to thanking you personally, we will reward you with a special surprise.

Here are the most important links:

The IndieGoGo Campaign Site: www.indiegogo.com/projects/lords-of-xulima
The Lords of Xulima homepage: www.lordsofxulima.com
Steam Greenlight: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128219358
Twitter: twitter.com/NumantianGames
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NumantianGames
Lords of Xulima YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/NumantianGames

11 вересня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

Numantian Games is happy to announce that our crowdfunding campaign will launch on Monday, September 16th.
We hope you enjoy the six and a half minute video that we prepared for the campaign. The recording is in English and we are also including subtitles in English and Spanish so that we can reach as many people as possible.
Here are a few images from the video that we would like to share with you. Some of the creatures from Lords of Xulima are so egocentric that they couldn’t resist running through the studio and stealing a bit of camera time!

2 вересня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

The development of Lords of Xulima has been progressing at a good pace. We’ve finished about 60% of the game’s content, many testers are already playing the demo version and there is currently nothing on the horizon that poses any danger to the game’s ultimate completion and release.

So… Why Crowdfunding?
Basically, there are three optional features that we’re not certain if we’re going to be able to include because of their costs: Original Soundtrack, more languages and more cool content.
Lords of Xulima is our first production and even though for us it’s the ideal role-playing game into which we’ve put all of our passion and thousands of hours of work, we really don’t know how it will do commercially.

For this reason we’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to try to include these features that would improve the game and make Lords of Xulima a much more well-rounded production.

The campaign will launch in a few days. We will make a new update as soon as it is published.

For more information read the full entry in our blog[www.lordsofxulima.com].

6 червня 2013 р. - Numantian Games

We have selected these images[www.lordsofxulima.com] to show some of the rich diversity of places and creatures that can be found on the mythical continent of Xulima. You will be able to freely roam this land, exploring the natural surroundings and discovering the varied creatures that inhabit them.

Also, if you would like to know more about the mechanics and design of Lords of Xúlima we invite you to visit our blog[www.lordsofxulima.com] where we describe the directions we have taken regarding important aspects of game design and how they compare to other RPGs.

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