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Lords of Xulima
Kickstarter - Last 3 Days!
November 26, 2013 - Numantian Games


More than 1.200 players has already got their copy of Lords of Xulima with some of the exclusive and cool rewards we offer in Kickstarter, such us:

- The Talisman of Golot: You will start the adventure with this extraordinary divine artifact who can talk and help you when you need it in the most.
- The high resolution World Map (digital and physical edition).
- The Game Guide with all the secrets of this huge game (digital and physical edition).
- The awesome book "Bestiary & Mythology of Xulima": With more than 150 pages, this book contains descriptions and statistics for all the monsters in the game. Also included is a detailed telling of the cosmology and mythology of Xulima.

Helps us to reach the $30K goal and we will add a new region to the game, the "Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak":
7 mystical islands connected by a nightmarish sea, which you must brave on board a ship. Who knows what lurks below the ocean? This new region is protected by an ancient, hidden power. Discovering its secrets will be vital to the success of your adventure.

Visit our campaign where you can find tons of new information about Lords of Xulima, here you have some of the articles published there:


[url]Main Theme composed by Nicolas de Ferran

New Video Footage - The Beginnings of Lords of Xulima

Gameplay Vs. Story
I'd like to share with you a little bit about the origins of Lords of Xulima and to let you know how I've approached the balance between gameplay and story.

Narrative & Quests
Many of you have asked us about the quest system in Lords of Xulima. Today we’d like to give you a little information about our thoughts on this subject and how it’s being approached in Lords of Xulima.

The Hall of Heroes of Varaskel
We have a very original reward level: A Statue with your Name in the Hall of Heroes of Varaskel. So, What is the Hall of Heroes?

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