Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

28 april 2013 - AutolootGames

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on what we are working on:

- Basic combat: on our pitch video, there was combat, but there's wasn't turn change and the npc enemies were static. Now the turn change is functional and the enemies move and attack you at melee range, yihaa! =) There's an issue to solve though, and this is calculating the max. distance an enemy can move, and then finding an empty place so the enemy doesn't occupy a position where other npcs, the pc or his companions could be positioned. The next step will be adding spellcast attacks to some npcs.

- Material & Export Manager and Browser: David Lucena is working on an exporter so the engine reads correctly the different types of textures from each 3D model. This will allow us to change the textures of the models imported and display not only specular but also normal maps. This will later be necessary when David implements the Lightmapping so the textures are affected by the light and can display its additional properties (i.e. the rugosity). The visual impact of this will be great!

- World map: David Lucena is working on the city of Khandor. At the moment he has almost completed one of the 8 big districts. At the moment, we have positioned the camera with a default zoom so we know exactly what the player will see. We want that you can see both sides of a street for example, this gives a better immersive feeling when you are moving with your group. You will then have an option of zoom in/out so you can enjoy the combat and texture details with a nearer view.

- Game logo and interfaces: Rafa is working on the final game logo plus some interface stuff, as the damage and heal numbers displayed during a combat, the combat log or the contextual info of the enemies when you roll the mouse over or click with the mouse button over them or his portrait (to define yet).

- Faction System: It's very important to define the nuts and bolts of the faction system prior to redefining the dialogue editor, that must include pre and post-conditions so we can track the reputation counters for each faction, npc or district.

So here our weekly update, any question you have let us know!

23 april 2013 - AutolootGames

Hi guys!

Today we bring you great news. We can finally share our vision doc with you for Dark Triad: Conspiracy. This is a new take on the game, and the old story is being rewritten from scratch, also some new game systems are being added. This will make of DTC a more engaging, deeper and meaningful experience in many senses, as we explain in the doc.

Yes, we also changed the name. Most of you didn't like "Dragon's Death", besides, with the new take on the game, no dragons are to be seen... so it seems! Of all the names we added to the poll vote, you decided "Dark Triad: Conspiracy" would be the most suitable, and we also like it very much, so let's roll with it!

This is the first draft of the Vision Doc and there's sure some room for improvement. Our aim is to polish it thanks to your feedback so we can release a new revision for everybody along our next KS relaunch. We'd deeply appreciate if you help us to make the game better within our resources and budget, so each opinion counts and we'll take all your comments into account.

We keep working hard on the game development to bring this new vision to our next Kickstarter campaign. We will make the pitch video much better and we'll show more stuff, and also we are already in talks with a PR agency so more people can know about Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

Anyhow, rest assured we will keep you up to date of any news about how things are going, and now, enjoy the reading!

Abel B.


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1 april 2013 - AutolootGames

The Dark Triad Update 04/04/2013 About our modus operandi and J.M.A.
« on: Today at 03:06:40 AM »
Today is one of those days I can’t sleep. Here it’s 4am.

It’s been many weeks that I’ve been going to sleep between 4-6am. I tried to organize the work, had the KS video prepared, while at the same time wrote the game and press texts, sent them to proofread, recorded the ingame video footage, managed the press news, etc. What I do recall as the most stressful time before the KS campaign was the day before launching, when messing around with the Visual .Net code Jose Manuel did so I could change the chars speed, the particle effects and trying to position the NPCs to make them move properly without them getting stuck when they touched each other (blame the collision system!). I didn’t have the slightest idea how it all worked, even JM left some indications before leaving to BCN. Also Carlos could not connect at all times to solve things that were not working properly.

And compiling…

I must have done it three hundred times. Compile now and check if things are correct. Are not? Then apply changes, commit the files on the repo and check again if it worked properly. It was very time consuming and getting good video takes wasn’t easy. Miguel was at Seville due to personal matters for a week, so I was overwhelmed by all the work we needed to pull out for the KS campaign.

Continue reading at http://forum.the-dark-triad.com/index.php?topic=271.msg350#msg350

31 maart 2013 - AutolootGames

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share a briefing on how the project is doing at the moment.

The team has been talking a lot about the things that we did wrong, and we are just working and planning how to make a bigger impact on our Kickstarter relaunch. We are working on different areas to do so:

- Combat: we want to include combat footage that explains the mechanics much better. We don't have all the mechanics in place yet obviously, but at least we want to show you much more interaction, both in the attacks, counterattacks, enemy Ai, contextual info like enemy stats, improved particle effects, more variety on the animations and new interface combat elements (like movement arrows, damage taken floating numbers, etc).

- Story: When we started designing the story for the game 10 months ago, the game had a lesser scope. Believe it or not, we thought we would be only capable of including big dungeons by reusing a few 3D tilesets with no outdoors. This has changed dramatically and we will have outdoors, towns, temples, woods, mountains, etc besides indoor areas. The original story was adapted to our graphical limitations. Now, we'll try to make the story more clear and less stuffed . We will tell less in our presentation (the video plot was 7min. long!), but it will hopefully be much more interesting.

You can read all the story at http://forum.the-dark-triad.com/index.php?topic=268.0

26 maart 2013 - AutolootGames

We want to thank the almost 300 backers that have shown their faith in The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death during this Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for your support and passion, for making great suggestions and engaging with the community in the comments section, and trying to spread the word about the game, we appreciate your efforts A LOT!

We’ve gotten £5,800 in 5 days. The first day was awesome, with more than £3,500 after Brian Fargo, inXile cofounder, tweeted "This game deserves a look at," on his account in reference to The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death (thanks Brian and we wish Torment: Tides of Numenera breaks all records!).

The days after have been a dire struggle to usher more potential backers to our KS page. The problem has been ours in part, as we hadn’t secured the services of a PR agency to spread the word properly. Second, this weekend PAX East was held, and next week it’s the GDC’s turn. This means that no matter how much money we would spent on PR right now, it would be almost impossible to be mentioned on gaming sites when the big boys on the block are gearing up to announcetheir coming games for the Christmas season. Besides, we launched after Torment: Tides of Numenera and Shroud of the Avatar were on KS, the two biggest projects since Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity. This may have made things more difficult, especially as backers might have supported both games and now would not have the money to spend on other smaller-scale projects such as ours.

Also, we must be critical of ourselves and recognize that we haven’t done a good job of conveying what the game is about. Yes, you know it’s a CRPG, and that there will be combat and dialogues, but the way we’ve explained it all has been confusing to say the least, and there was a lack of information regarding the main gameplay mechanics from the beginning, which we think hasn’t helped. It hasn’t helped either that some texts were not properly proofread due to a lack of coordination with our editors and translators because of the hour difference, which resulted in some glaring typos cropping up.

We are currently preparing a pitch and gameplay video that will explain much better how the combat and dialogues work, and what options are available in them. We’ll also redefine the story. Many of you said it was too convoluted, and maybe contained too many elements. Besides, we want to remove some important limitations, like that fact that the party member characters had to be from a certain race and classes, or that you couldn’t play with a female character on your party.

We will also adjust the initial scope of the game. We wanted to add many things, but we think it’s better to focus on the two main aspects of the game: a good turn-based combat and a nice non-combat skills system. We will maintain and improve the graphic quality of the game, but we will reduce the game map extension. We can’t attempt to put in as many 3D assets as Baldur’s Gate, but we will maintain enough content for the game to provide dozens of hours of play. At the same time, this reduced map will allow us to reduce our pledge by almost half. And this is important, as we think that if potential backers see that we are near the funding goal, they will feel more confident in backing the project. Our goal is to expand the game content as soon as The Dark Triad is available for purchase.

We have also detected a clear imbalance with the rewards. Once you create a tier and at least one backer has pledged for it, Kickstarter won’t allow you to add new rewards into it. We forgot to tell you that the downloadable version of the game will be DRM-free, and even though we put it on top of our main page, many people didn’t see that. We could only communicate new reward additions through the updates, but for new backers this is important information that should be clearly visible. Also, we wanted to include boxed edition tiers and we saw that first we needed to adjust the digital tiers content, and we couldn’t do so due to the aforementioned restrictions.

We’ve also received some complaints from US backers about the difficulties they were having pledging. It seems some US banks block payments overseas by default, and you must call them to remove this restriction. Other people was confused by the lack of an option to pay via Amazon. The reason for that is that the UK project payments are handled by Kickstarter directly without being funneled through Amazon. And last, some of you didn’t know if paying in pounds would charge you any extra when making the payment (which is not).

We’ve taken all this weekend to reflect about all these issues, and after reaching a consensus, we think the best course of action we can take is canceling the current pledge drive. This will allow us to focus on preparing new content, explain things much better and securing a PR agency from the very beginning to help spread the word about The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death. We will take one month and one week, and on the 6th of May we will come back to run a brand new Kickstarter campaign for the game.

Meanwhile, we’ve opened an Indiegogo campaign for all of you that want to help us support the game development for the next two months until we can succeed in our Kickstarter campaign. These funds will help us to pay our 5 team members and stay afloat during this time. We don’t have any publisher behind us and before approaching any we will try to go with crowdfunding so we can remain independent game developers (unless it’s a known RPG publisher that could guarantee us IP rights and the max creative freedom).

Last, you can stay in touch with us on our forums. We are currently asking what non-combat skills do you like to see in the game.

Once again, thanks for your support guys, you made us happy even if we didn’t make it this time. We hope that what we will show the next month can make you even more thrilled about the possibilities of The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death. We won’t stop until you have the chance to play the medieval fantasy world of TDT:DD in your homes! =)


The Autoloot Team

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