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Whispering Willows
9 de julio de 2013 - Night Light Interactive

We had a great time at RTX. Thank you Rooster Teeth for putting on a fantastic convention. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, it was great meeting you all. We had a lot of fun watching people play the game, and it was great seeing people who were wearing our shirts and overall just really enthusiastic about it. Also, big thanks to the Guardians, you guys were amazing!

{ENLACE ELIMINADO}NLI RTX 2013 Photo Album[goo.gl]

27 de junio de 2013 - Night Light Interactive

David Logan talks about Whispering Willows in The OUYA Gaming Source E3 video! Also, great footage of the other games at the OUYA Park at E3 including Soul Fjord [soulfjord.com], Flip Riders , Hidden in Plain Site [adamspragggames.blogspot.com], You Don’t Know Jack , and Forsaken Planet !

Also, {ENLACE ELIMINADO}David shows you how to say OUYA! [goo.gl]

19 de junio de 2013 - Night Light Interactive

The new Whispering Willows E3 Demo [nightlightinteractive.com] is open to the public! Try it out and leave us some feedback on the forums [nightlightinteractive.com]!

6 de junio de 2013 - Night Light Interactive

The NLI Whispering Willows crew will be at the OUYA Park E3 this year showing off an exclusive new demo of Whispering Willows! There will be many other OUYA[www.ouya.tv] developers showing off their games including Soul Fjord[soulfjord.com], Chronoblade[www.chronoblade.com], Towerfall[www.towerfall-game.com], You Don’t Know Jack[redgrim.com] and MRS. DAD vs KORV[redgrim.com]! Keep an eye out for us and come say hi.

We’ll be at the:
OUYA Park E3, 601 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Tuesday, June 11th between 1-2 PM

Won’t be able to make it out to E3 this year? All Kickstarter backers in the “Shape the Game Tier” ($50) and higher will get exclusive early access during the week of E3. Everyone else will get access to the demo the following week.

Thanks again to all our fans and supporters!

18 de abril de 2013 - Night Light Interactive

The first three languages have been chosen! Whispering Willows will be translated to Spanish, German and French. Japanese was a close runner up. We may translate to more languages in the future but these three are guaranteed.

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