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2. oktober, 2015 - Oskutin


It's been a long time since the last blog entry. You may have guessed that we've been very busy with finishing the first part of INFRA. Exterminating bugs, animating, enriching the world and filling the story with details. We've also started to prepare shipments for our Indiegogo backers.

Here are some pictures of the locations we've been working on:

Former blast furnace of Stalburg Steel, which used to be a major employer in the Stalburg region. It's still one of the tallest freestanding structures in Stalburg, catering a great view over the city for those who dare to climb on that crumbling thing.

Some extra functionality has been added to the city, like ATMs and ticket machines. The city transit authority wouldn't like the player boarding the metro without paying for his ticket.

We've also been working on a really cool way for the player to move around in the old tunnels. A crude raft will get the job done – provided that you can avoid the falling concrete chunks and obstacles along the way.

23. august, 2015 - fláráðr ljós

Hello! Thanks so much for all your support! Even though we didn't reach our Indiegogo campaign goal, we still managed to raise a considerable sum of money. So what happens next?

Because we didn't reach our goal, it looks like we might have to release the game in an episodic format—in two parts. We're planning to launch the first half around October and the second half later as a free update. This allows us to start receiving revenue from the game while we're working on polishing the second half.

We will be fulfilling all of the perks and we're shipping them out once we're closer to launch. If you've picked "Stalburg Politician", or "Stalburg Entrepreneur", or a perk that includes a T-shirt, we'll be in touch regarding their details.

Thanks again. We wouldn't have made it this far without you.

22. juli, 2015 - Oskutin

How are you doing ladies and gents?

We decided to extend our Indiegogo campaign by 20 days. If you’d like to know why, read along. Don’t be alarmed though: this will not affect the delivery of the perks in any way whatsoever.

We started our indiegogo campaign on top of some seasonal local holidays, which we didn’t think would affect the campaign too much as we primarily wanted to reach out to a global audience...But it has, at least to some extent. We’ve also just now gotten a bit of a buzz going on about INFRA and we think it would be unwise to not wait and let even more people hear about us! Surely it can’t hurt.

18. juli, 2015 - fláráðr ljós

What's up!

It's been a crazy couple of past weeks. We've gotten lots of new followers coupled with more media attention than ever before. We've also raised over $5000 so far[] and we've gotten some great suggestions on how to improve our game and/or campaign and even offers for help!

After continuously pushing the game out for the past months, some of the team took a deserved (but short) break off the computer desk. During their break *cough*, they worked on different levels, namely Stormdrain and Steelfactory, and played around with new sounds for INFRA. Rest of the team has been modeling, working on levels of their own, adjusting the code and working on an alternative T-shirt for the campaign!

There's been concern in the community, and somewhat in our team for that matter, about how our Indiegogo funding campaign[] has been progressing. At the end of the day, we're cautiously optimistic. We're raising more than lots of other group funding projects and we're learning valuable lessons for the future. INFRA being delayed would be a huge bummer for our fans and backers, but it's sort of something we've come to expect in game development over the years. INFRA is a passion project and we're not going to abandon it no matter what happens!

Let us know if there's something specific you'd like to learn more about, we'll be sure to answer if we can!

24. juni, 2015 - Oskutin


First off we’d like to thank everyone for their support so far, we have raised over $2000[], which if we manage to keep up, would lead to our campaign not be a total disaster.

However, we still need more help from the community, by contributing to the campaign and adding to the visibility. It was the community who supported our decision to pursue making the game come a reality and the Indiegogo page[] needs more views. If we can’t reach our goal, the development of INFRA will be heavily delayed and we’ll have to cut a lot of content we have already worked on. INFRA has been a project of love for a group of friends for a long time and we would hate to not be able to show you the fruits of our hard work.

So tell your friends and loved ones about INFRA, ask them to like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or even give them a link to our Indiegogo page[]!

Some of you have voiced their concerns over us not advertising enough and not being visible enough. Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to reach our goal, the press releases will be sent next week. We've been waiting for the E3 hype to die off. But we still need your help!

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