Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

12. april - fláráðr ljós

What’s up guys, we are trying to stay true and faithful to our promise of keeping you guys updated, so here goes nothing.

We have started planning our Indiegogo campaign somewhat more thoroughly and we have got some pretty cool perks coming along. Before the campaign we’ll be releasing our new trailer and possibly some new gameplay. If there’s one phrase to sum up this past week from our developers point of view it’s been “I have no Idea why it’s not working, these errors don’t make any sense”. Nevertheless, we are making steady progress. Most of us are still working from our apartments, as we do not have the necessary software in our office yet. When we do get the software, things should be a little easier since we would have both a common space for our team to work in and simply faster PCs than what we are currently working with.

And again, some new screenshots :)

Neglected doing dishes for long enough, now I am saving in electricity bills. Hopefully it won't become sentient.

3. april - |Yucca|

We have an office now! This is great in so many ways. It helps the team coordinate better, but also work more efficiently as we have some top notch hardware on the PC's here. And to enjoy the comfy couch to watch some 4K deliciousness from Netflix, of course.

No new media of INFRA, unfortunately. We will show something interesting soon though, so don't worry. Also sorry for the long silence (not unusual to us, eh?) but we have been very busy working and also setting up the office and everything related to it. From now we intend to update a lot more frequently as the intended release date of INFRA is only some four months away! We may have promised a lot of things regarding media releases in the past and not kept some of them but this will change now. During the past few months we have gained so much momentum that promises will be easier to keep.

Stay tuned for more.

20. desember, 2014 - fláráðr ljós

Last moments to vote in IndieDB Indie of the Year competition. Let's see if we can make it to the top 10. If you haven't voted for INFRA yet, it's time to do it now! We would really appreciate that.

This week we have an interesting thing to share with you. The player character! You won't see yourself that much ingame though, apart from the occasional mirrors and such, but it's always nice to know what you look like. No name or other information revealed yet, there's another time for that.

Shaders and textures are work in progress, no need to worry about him looking like plastic.

It wouldn't be an update for INFRA without screenshots of a yet another setting, so here's some of a map Jukka has been working on a past few weeks:

Taking into account the things happening around, it's a miracle there's still power in this part of the city. Guess there's some things that have been taken care of after all.

13. desember, 2014 - fláráðr ljós

Hey guys. You've probably noticed the IndieDB Indie of the Year competition that has been going on for a week or so. The top 100 was announced three days ago, and we were in there! And that's because of your votes! It's awesome and you guys are awesome.

The second phase of voting has begun and we're now competing for the title of indie of the year. We would appreciate it if you would vote for us again!

Anyways. This week we have a fresh(ish) piece of concept art from our friends over at Kraffit[].

These screenshots, on the other hand, are from a level that Mikko has been working on.

We've also been working on a plethora of other stuff, but none quite made the cut into this week's devblog. I guess this will have to do.

5. desember, 2014 - fláráðr ljós

As promised, here's our latest in the series of updates of increased frequency. We'll keep posting weekly updates until Christmas. We might fall back to a monthly format after that. Or we might keep posting weekly updates. I don't really know yet.

If you haven't voted for us in the IndieDB Indie of the Year competition yet, we would really appreciate it! It's also appreciated if you've already voted for us which is totally cool.

This week I've been working on a super important feature which is randomly generating accurate blue screen messages for in-world computers.

Nailed it.

In other news, Jukka and I have been working on the main menu. It has changed quite a bit since we last posted about it. Well, the underlying concept hasn't, but the appearance has. I really like how the transitions turned out. It even fully supports keyboards and gamepads for navigation now!

We posted a video of it to IndieDB. I would've embedded it, but apparently I can't. Click here to view it though.

Meanwhile Finnian has been busy creating awesome music. In addition to the main menu theme that you partially heard above above, he made a few very Deus Ex -esque pieces. Here's one of them.

That's all for this week. We'll be back next Saturday with more stuff.

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