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Hope Trilogy
April 10, 2013 - Fox The Cat

After a brief meeting of PJX and me (Hellje), I could take a look on the progress that's done yet. And I'm quite impressed. It won't be a six hour gameplay mod, but I'm proud to say that Hope: Episode One will e.g. feature own voice acting.

So, world, stay tuned for more game-related informations, screenshots and maybe a release for Episode One on one sunny day.

Immortal Games Dev-Team.

February 20, 2013 - <2F F> | PJX

Well.. after looking in today stats for hope I've saw a strange thing..

We have 16.223 Votes in total
16.195 'Ask me later' votes
BUT we just have 86 unique visitors.

This bug is quite disturbing. Valve, We would appriciate if you can fix this Thanks in advantage

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