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MANOS: The Hands of Fate
June 14 - samfzgames

Hey everybody! I wanted to put up a nice update since things went a bit sour after the delays and difficulty with Steam keys. This is to clear everything up.

I had to make a few changes to make sure I could get everybody their keys, and get the right content into the game.


MANOS: Director's Cut will be released July 30th, 2015, provided Valve approve of the build. It was delayed to this date for several reasons. Most importantly, it's so that I could get more content into the release, but I also felt it was a bad idea to release right in the middle of the Steam summer sale, especially with E3 going on at the same time. I will be using some of the extra time to get even more features into the game that I wasn't able to get in before. I hope to provide enough content that everybody has a really great time with the game.


Another reason for the delay was the steam keys confusion. As some of you may know, my intention WAS to double the size of the game and offer people who purchased the older version during the Humble Bundle sale a half-price discount, however, a good number of people felt that this betrayed their trust when voting the game through greenlight to get a Steam version of the game they picked up in the bundle, and I had mentioned, before deciding to double the size of the game, that people would receive steam keys. This is absolutely fair and so I decided to ensure everybody who purchased the game in the Humble Bundle will get the full version of the game on Steam for free; a Steam key will appear in their Humble dashboard.

I apologise to anybody who felt insulted by my original plan to just offer a discount, no disrespect was intended, just trying to cover the time it took to create the extra content. Since this has had a tonne more work put into it, I couldn't risk taking the time off of my work on my other products with my publisher to get the game out this month, so I've had to spread the days out a little in which I finish this version of the game to submit it to valve, thus the delay until late July. I hope you can understand. The game will be about twice the size of the original, along with different game modes, awesome cut-scenes and more, and if you already purchased the old version on Humble, this update will come to you completely free. You supported the game in it's early days, so you deserve it.


There will be a trailer this coming very soon, as well as a developer commentary video explaining what to expect from the Director's Cut version. I'm also going to try and demo the game at SGC.


Oh, yes, you'll be able to get a Torgo trading card, yes you will. There'll be achievements too!

April 29 - samfzgames

The Master approves of this news! Thanks for all the patience, folks. I'm pleased to announce that MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE DIRECTOR'S CUT will be out for PC in June 2015.

Why has it taken so long? Well, here's the even better news: The Director's Cut has been given a total overhaul, meaning this version will be far better than the older mobile port. Changes include:

- Brand new levels
- Existing level layouts re-imagined for physical controls
- Cutscenes telling the 'classic' MANOS story
- Many redesigned graphics and animations
- Multiple difficulty settings
- Unlockable Torgo Mode (Play as Torgo)
- Improved controls

The original MANOS was built for mobile, and the PC version which was briefly available a couple of years back was a quick, straight-up port from mobile. I was never happy with this since it was always designed around basic touch-screen controls, so this version of the game has been completely rebuilt and redesigned as a PC game through and through.


February 25 - samfzgames

Hey guys! Thanks for your patience regarding MANOS on Steam. Here's an update for you!

MANOS on Steam is just around the corner! But it's not just a straight-up mobile port anymore! Steam users will be getting MANOS: DIRECTOR'S CUT!

The Director's Cut is specially enhanced for PC gamers. It's better formatted for PC screens, the physics and level designs have been retooled for physical controls and a whole bunch of new features have been added, including PLAY AS TORGO mode, RETRO CUT-SCENES and other details.

Take a look here, for a quick tease:

June 2, 2014 - samfzgames

Hey everybody, just a little update here.

Essentially, before the game can release on Steam, we need to sort out some international tax details. For these to be sorted out, I need to supply some documents and my passport, which are currently required for the SGC convention in Dallas, Texas in June, so I can't send them off until after that.

I understand a few people are frustrated due to IndieVania going down and the Steam version still not being available. I appreciate your patience. In the mean time the game is still available to play on iOS and Android.

When the Steam version does release, it will be an enhanced PC version with new features, so look forward to that!

January 22, 2014 - samfzgames

The Master (Steam) has approved of (Greenlit) our game! Expect to see it on Steam relatively soon!

Being a UK-based developer, we need to sort out our tax details with the US and such now, so it will be a couple of months before the Steam release, but we'll announce a date as soon as we know one!

In the mean time, the IndieVania PayPal problem appears to be fixed, so you can grab it early from there if you want to.

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