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Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

Death Inc.
Whirling Death Machines! Hilarious Plague Rats!
3. März 2013 - Ambient Studios

Hi everyone,

Joss and Chris, two of our (amazing) coders have been seriously hard at work. Joss has been working on siege engines and what he likes to call "physics death machines". Chris has been implemented the first of Death Inc's special abilities: Plague rats.

The results of both are hilarious and wonderful. Check out a first look at these features in the video:


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2 Kommentare
Ambient Studios 2. Apr. 2013 um 3:20 Uhr 
Hah! Sadly not. Although, maybe.
Nounverber 30. März 2013 um 15:24 Uhr 
Is "whirling death machines" a tip of the hat to the band Gwar? (Part of the vocals in the song "I'm In Love With A Dead Dog")