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青睐之光即将走入历史。欲了解更多如何提交游戏到 Steam 上的信息,请阅读这篇博文
2014年11月21日 - Alex7Kom

In case of any of you wondering why there is no new updates both in the group and the collection for a while, I regret to inform you that I decided to close Kawaii;Games group and to freeze the collection. However, I believe the goal 'to make Steam more kawaii' that was set for the collection when it was created is met by now, thanks to combined community efforts. 52 of 57 games in the collection are greenlit and that is why I think you all are amazing. On the other side the group failed to gain enough members and momentum to properly function so its closure is only logical. Thank you for staying and please keep supporting kawaii games and other kawaii collections and groups in the future!


What does 'frozen' state mean for the collection?

It means no new games will be added to the collection in the future and no new announcements will be made, but the list will keep updating as games are greenlit and/or released.

What does that mean for the group?

The group is now private and no new invites can be issued. Comments section and the group forum are no longer available.

Other places where I can get news about new Greenlight additions and new releases?

There are Sekai Project, Visual Novels, Manga Gamer, Visual Novels Fans, doujinsoft addicts, Anime Faction to name just a few. Most of them are also Steam Curators, so make sure to follow them!

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