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February 28 - La Moustache Studio

You can follow development news, on our >>> devblog <<<[]

After the first completely technical Developer Update 1 [] in which we introduced the cockpit scripting system, we discussed collimator and anti-aliasing in the following Developer Update 2 [] and Developer Update 3 [] as well as our figures, insights and thoughts about the whole Greenlight process and... there is dramaaaaa...
To fellow developers: please feel free to share your story with us!

Details about buying the game can be found here.[]

Stay tuned! More to come every week...

February 18 - [LM]crashy


We are happy to announce here that BOMB Mk I will be available on Desura February the 24th 2014.
Of course you can pre-order it right now[].

Also, if you haven't already seen it, here is our first developer update[]

Thank you very much to you all for your support, we are still working hard on the game for the upcoming Mk II !

January 31 - [LM]crashy

I think it is time for us to give some news about BOMB as we get closer to the release.

We are currently polishing the Mark I version to fix the remaining bugs and remove all the little annoying things we haven't seen before. Thanks to our testers, a lot of them have been already found and fixed.
That said, we can announce that the final release should come early February on Desura.

The final price of BOMB will be 17.99€, but the Mark I will have a 50% discount and Mark II a 25% discount, thus prices will be respectively 8.99€ and 13.49€.

Thank your for your support.
La Moustache Studio.

January 10 - [LM]crashy

After a (far too) long time, the BOMB trailer is here!

This is the last trailer before release of the Mk I version, which should happen soon !

We are very impatient to release the game and we hope the work achieved during the last two years will please you !

November 22, 2013 - La Moustache Studio

It's not B.O.M.B. anymore but BOMB
It F.E.E.L.S. much BETTER already!
The page has been updated with the final logo, which much more represents the game.

We're about to release the game with early access.
It is not an alpha funding request as the game is not in alpha nor it is unfunded. It is more like an episodic release that will provide us:
  • Feedback from early players
  • Time to deal with issues as they arrive
  • Precise deadlines to follow
The game will be released as these following tiers, released every two weeks:

Mark 1
- Act I of the adventure (6 missions)
- Skirmish single player game mode
- Death Match and Team Death Match multi player game modes
- 4 playable planes
- 2 environments

Mark 2
- Act II of the adventure (5 missions)
- Race multi player game mode
- 3 additional playable planes
- 1 additional environment

Mark 3
- Act III of the adventure (5 missions)
- Capture the flag multi player game mode
- 2 additional playable planes
- 1 additional environment

Mark 4
- Linux version (native build)
- Mac version (native build)
- Dedicated server

Mark 5
- Tools
- Documentation
- Samples

Maybe there will be intermediate releases, maybe there will be delays... But it is not Valve time! ;)

More to come soon...

A little clip from a rejected trailer footage.

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