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Free Rider HD
Play Free Rider 3 now
29 gennaio 2013 - Kano Games

For a preview of Free Rider 3, play it now online:

This is the Flash version, the forth-coming PC version will have improved performance!

12 commenti
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ONE TRICK PONY 6 lug 2014, ore 16:44 
cant wait need copy such coolness
Злой админ 29 mar 2014, ore 4:10 
Mowz-Adong 21 gen 2014, ore 18:47 
i would not pay at all for this game since its been free for a long time unless they have a major change and add modes or something. and at that I feel like the only payable price is 50 cents or less
7 gen 2014, ore 13:31 
Den(4)ik SHOW 21 lug 2013, ore 8:43 
Похожа на старую добрую гравити
xshadow1986x 20 lug 2013, ore 17:22 
Have to pay n play
mATT 7 apr 2013, ore 18:24 
holla 4 feb 2013, ore 16:19 
wat why steam
UglyBucket 3 feb 2013, ore 22:47 
its about fucking time
Lorenzo9712(ITA) 3 feb 2013, ore 9:34 
veramente bello