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Surgeon Simulator 2013
28. března 2013 - Bossa Studios Ltd

So…..what’s been happening since we were Greenlit?

During the last couple of months we’ve been working non-stop, around the clock (well, almost) to bring you something spectacularly Surgeon-tastic – and we just wanted to give you an update on how and what we’re doing. You may want to take a look at the new images and video we’ve uploaded too.

So – what is there to discuss? Well……

· Brain Surgery – you’ve practiced for years on your boiled eggs, now’s your chance to step into the shoes of Nigel Burke and make a real difference to your patient’s life. You won’t be disappointed – we promise!

· Other surgeries (to be announced) – there will be more places to poke and prod your scalpel – you’re not just going to be restricted to a chest cavity and skull (!) Aren’t you lucky?
· Something to do with an ambulance – sometimes, in extreme situations, surgery just can’t wait…and that’s all we’re going to say!

· A NEW LOGO (it’s so pretty!) to replace the placeholder one we created in 48 hours at the Game Jam. As much as we’re fond of the old one, this one much better reflects what we want to say about the game, plus it has blood and a little scalpel cut in the ‘S’ – much cooler, don’t you think?

· Nigel’s office – he has some interesting new furniture to inspire his surgery. A happy surgeon is an efficient surgeon, right?

Make sure that you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see all of the epic new updates – we’re showcasing new stuff every week:

Twitter: @surgeonsim2013
Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialsurgeonsimulator2013

See you soon, here on Steam, very soon.

The Surgeon Simulator 2013 Team

30. ledna 2013 - Bossa Studios Ltd

More locations: Emergency surgery in the back of a moving ambulance.
More surgical procedures: The patient is in need of a new brain.
More tools: Because a good surgeon needs more than just a hammer.
Achievements: Performing a heart transplant with a shard of glass is
every surgeons ultimate goal.

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