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Surgeon Simulator 2013
18. april 2013 - Bossa Studios Ltd

Hey surgeons-to-be,

Here is the official game trailer, so you can see what you'll be getting tomorrow when you buy our beautiful, educational game. ;)

We'll be releasing tomorrow afternoon - be ready!

~ The Surgeon Simulator 2013 Team


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21 kommentarer
Bossa Studios Ltd 24. apr 2013 kl. 4:10 
Thanks everyone for your support. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We love you very much ~ the creators of Surgeon Simulator 2013
Bossa Studios Ltd 24. apr 2013 kl. 4:10 
Flinton - nope, we didn't make that. We did make Deep Dungeons of Doom, which is the little game on the disk in the game. That'll be out on mobile soon. :)
Scorpio_gamer 20. apr 2013 kl. 14:38 
The Frenchiest Fry 19. apr 2013 kl. 15:17 
Is this made by the same guys that made like Euro Truck Simulator?
[SW] Ýngvaldr 19. apr 2013 kl. 14:03 
No, never. That is for multiplayer games only. I think you can understand why.
JellyOsaurus 19. apr 2013 kl. 8:24 
will this be on steam's free weekend thing sometime?
JellyOsaurus 19. apr 2013 kl. 8:23 
Way better then that old one you guys made. good job!
SS Banana Bitch 19. apr 2013 kl. 8:22 
Love it! Can't wait to play in a few hours!
JellyOsaurus 19. apr 2013 kl. 8:19 
Cy 19. apr 2013 kl. 8:09 
Oh my god thank you!