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The Plan
The Plan released
10 febbraio 2013 - Krillbite Studio

Hi everybody!

We released The Plan today and you can download it free from our website. Head over to The Plan Website[] and select your platform now.

The game feels best using a pair of good headphones/speakers.
Should you encounter any problems, let us know and we'll get back to you! :)

All the best,
The Krillbite Team

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6 commenti
Create 2 mar 2013, ore 6:11 
short, but... amazing!
GEROJ 18 feb 2013, ore 0:04 
how can i start game or install ?? please
蛇鯊 16 feb 2013, ore 4:09 
Truly Amazing Product!
Madoka Maxica 15 feb 2013, ore 11:16 
Nice! sharing it with all my friends!

Rudebot 13 feb 2013, ore 4:11 
Kermit the Frog 11 feb 2013, ore 6:50 
No problem :) I did it! Thanks!