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Finaly Released!
11 aprile 2014 - hipshot

The game has been released now, so there's no need to keep writing here folks!

Avalible here on Steam (ofc!), and humblebundle store!

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13 commenti
. n y r r r r 13 apr 2014, ore 5:37 
worth every penny
psybreeze 13 apr 2014, ore 3:37 
Definitive co-op bugsmash!
Reinhard Rammler 13 apr 2014, ore 0:58 
Juuuuhuhuh!! Very nice game
HardPenguin 12 apr 2014, ore 12:33 
hipshot 12 apr 2014, ore 6:54 
Actually the game was released a long time ago, I just forgot to annouce it here, so I figured I'll do it now, better late than never, right?
Mosqito 12 apr 2014, ore 5:20 
HardPenguin 11 apr 2014, ore 23:53 

As I understand, game was available previously as 'early access'. This doesn't count as official release yet. Since 'early access' game gained a couple of updates and is completed now.

Good job Hammerwatch :D
Nuc_Temeron 11 apr 2014, ore 18:06 
Lol wtf? Umm.. You released in August... That was like 8 mths ago.
Chaz 11 apr 2014, ore 15:56 
Kewl Beans !
SnugFox 11 apr 2014, ore 12:25