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Beta/Demo of Act1!
6 maart 2013 - hipshot

This version is now out of date, please see the following announcement for the current version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/122788084/1365347805

We can now present the public beta of Hammerwatch, it has gone through a short closed beta testing, we have sorted out some of our most prominent bugs and also cleaned up some of our features.

Download link: *removed see new update*

  • Entire Act 1, with a boss, secrets, bonus level, money, vendors etc
  • Survival level, this is a prototype and not balanced and also very short
  • 3 of our 4 classes
  • Coop support for up to four players, local, Lan and online
  • Controller support

  • The game above Act 1, it's like 75% of the game missing
  • The Warlock class
  • Saving
  • Editor
  • Much more

  • Some people will most likely encounter bugs, please mail these or any other issue to error@hammerwatch.com and please, include your hardware specs too.
  • You can't join a server that's already up, you need to connect to the host when he's in the server lobby.
  • Sound, if you can't hear anything, you are probably missing OpenAL. There should be a message displayed when you start the game about it.
    OpenAL can be downloaded here:
  • Found that some controllers can't assign all buttons in the game, this can be done manually in the config.cfg file for now (360-controller seems to work fine, except for the analog triggers).
  • Some built in graphics cards have issues with not showing the minimap.

Please, let us know what you think and feel about the game, balance, difficult level, classes, skills etc. We read everything we see about the game!

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50 opmerkingen
BeanShroom 29 mei 2013 om 2:05nm 
Can you make a video on how to make a server
MUTEN 7 apr 2013 om 5:16vm 
nice game! :D
GCanellas 6 apr 2013 om 8:11vm 
The game is very good, but I think it would be good acresentar a little more difficulty and new types of enemies, as they are very repetitive.
Felix 30 mrt 2013 om 2:12nm 
The game is really easy, you should increase the complexity of the game (sorry for my English).
Brett.exe 28 mrt 2013 om 2:23vm 
Wonderful game, thank you for creating this master piece.
jts41 27 mrt 2013 om 6:52nm 
im not going to spoil my self with sweets before i get to the main course :P cant wait for the full release!
coneba 24 mrt 2013 om 11:37nm 
This game looks so awesome. Good job!
Eggs ⌨ 24 mrt 2013 om 4:37vm 
Looks fun!, downloading now
M.I.K.E. 23 mrt 2013 om 1:02nm 
Only let players join in the lobby not ingame or it will crash.