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Concept Art
8. Februar 2013 - Shiro Games

We've been asked to show some of the concept art for the game so we've added some to the screenshot section (monster concepts, the card mini game, as well as a rendered screen of the village).

In other news, we've made it to the top 50 in Steam Greenlight! But we still need your help to make it the rest of the way. Tell your friends about Evoland!

Thanks a lot for your support!

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7 Kommentare
sɐƃƃıu ǝsǝuɐdɐɾ 12. Feb. 2013 um 10:04 Uhr 
i cant wait for it to come out XD
Reaver 10. Feb. 2013 um 18:48 Uhr 
that is a relly cool snake
The GhostBox 10. Feb. 2013 um 7:48 Uhr 
Just want this game to be released already! ^^
Macaques 9. Feb. 2013 um 16:09 Uhr 
Cannot wait for this game to make it! Noticed it browsing the Greenlight and I will buy it as soon as it's released!
mrdanryu 9. Feb. 2013 um 16:00 Uhr 
me too, i love it this game, i played the web version and i want it.
Foxinabox 8. Feb. 2013 um 14:41 Uhr 
also voted awhile ago, good luck you Evoland!
General Chaøs™ 8. Feb. 2013 um 4:50 Uhr 
voted for you ages ago and added you to my collections list. Have been following you on indiedb I believe or moddb (forget which I first saw from). Hope you make it to steam,if not Desura is always a welcoming home for many good indie titles. :-)