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6180 the moon
19 Kwietnia - Turtle Cream

Finally we succeeded Top 100! Now we're #97 on Greenlight.
If you bought and liked our game, please vote YES and spread the word. It's been almost done!

6 Marca - Turtle Cream

March 9th is 6180 the moon’s first anniversary. Last year was a great year for the moon; in addition to launching our game successfully, we were selected for such renowned showcase events as the GDC and the E3 IndieCade. But that is past. Now, I am thrilled to announce more exciting moon-news.

6180 the moon will be released on the Nintendo Wii U this summer!

When we met with Nintendo last year at E3, they loved our game. After talking for quite a while, we have finally decided to launch it on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo's Wii U System, at late Summer of 2014.

We are almost done with porting 6180 the moon from GameMaker: Studio to Unity3D now. The game will be basically the same except for a few visual enhancements. In addition, the Wii U version will introduce new levels that takes advantage of both the TV and Wii U touchscreen.

PokPoong Games, who programmed the PC version of our game, is not porting the game. We, Turtle Cream, are doing it ourselves. But PokPoong Games will continue to collaborate with Turtle Cream for the desktop PC version as well as the upcoming Mac and Ubuntu version.

So here’s the fun part: to celebrate our anniversary,
6180 the moon will be absolutely FREE for 4 days!

You can download 6180 the moon for FREE on Desura, and get a deluxe package for 66% off price, which includes the game and the soundtrack. In addition, you will receive a free Steam key when we pass Greenlight. So please spread the word, and vote for us! Hope you enjoy the FREE moon. Good night!

Get 6180 the moon for free on Desura [www.desura.com]

11 Stycznia - Sun

This weekend from 1/11/14 7pm EST, there will be a massive indie game streaming show, the "Indie Dev Supershow". 6180 the moon will also join the party! Our game will be played starting Saturday 9pm EST. We will be live chatting with the awesome guys from RobotLovesKitty, the developers of Legend of Dungeon. Come to the twitch channel and have a great indie night!

Indie Dev Supershow (from RobotLovesKitty's twitch channel) [www.twitch.tv]

2 Grudnia, 2013 - Turtle Cream

Here comes December, the month of awards. Do you know about the "Indie Of The Year" awards, given by IndieDB? It's an annual award for indies, where players can vote for his or her favorite indie game.

We at Turtle Cream was included in last year's Top 100 with our first commercial game, "Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory." And this time, it's the moon's turn! Your vote will bring us a world of help. Please vote for 6180 the moon on IndieDB!

Go to IndieDB page and vote!

23 Listopada, 2013 - Turtle Cream

At 10 AM in Korea today, we've reached 6180 hours since we launched "6180 the moon".

Lots of great things went on in those 6180 hours. We debuted our game on the Indie Royale Bundle, was selected for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2013, and showcased at the IndieCade Showcase at E3 as well. And more! We've launched our game on GamersGate for the first time, participated in the Not on Steam Sale, and there is some confidential news as well. (Keep your eyes open - it will be awesome news!)


To celebrate 6180 hours, we prepared a giveaway! This event will be held for 6180 minutes, and 6 winners will get a Humble Key for 6180 the moon with the awesome soundtrack.

After Giveaway

And here is one more thing. If we get more than 6180 votes during this event period, we'll do another giveaway event again with 6180 keys! Sound interesting? Please join in and spread the word!

Event Period

This event will start at 11 PM (GMT +9:00), 11/23/2013 and end at 6 AM (GMT +9:00), 11/28/2013. Yes, just 6180 minutes.


Click here to go to the event page [www.turtle-cream.com]

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