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6180 the moon
23 november 2013 - Turtle Cream

At 10 AM in Korea today, we've reached 6180 hours since we launched "6180 the moon".

Lots of great things went on in those 6180 hours. We debuted our game on the Indie Royale Bundle, was selected for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2013, and showcased at the IndieCade Showcase at E3 as well. And more! We've launched our game on GamersGate for the first time, participated in the Not on Steam Sale, and there is some confidential news as well. (Keep your eyes open - it will be awesome news!)


To celebrate 6180 hours, we prepared a giveaway! This event will be held for 6180 minutes, and 6 winners will get a Humble Key for 6180 the moon with the awesome soundtrack.

After Giveaway

And here is one more thing. If we get more than 6180 votes during this event period, we'll do another giveaway event again with 6180 keys! Sound interesting? Please join in and spread the word!

Event Period

This event will start at 11 PM (GMT +9:00), 11/23/2013 and end at 6 AM (GMT +9:00), 11/28/2013. Yes, just 6180 minutes.


Click here to go to the event page [www.turtle-cream.com]

2 oktober 2013 - Sun

Of course, Steam is the biggest gaming platform, and it is every indie developers' wet dream to distribute his game on Steam. However, there are tons of awesome games outside of Steam too.

Now, 35 great games, including 6180 the moon, are starting a promotion called the "Not on Steam Sale". Most of games in the sale are over 25% off and 6180 the moon is going for half the price! Of course, you will get a steam key if we get Greenlit as well.

We're absolutely not an Anti-Steam-mongerer or something outrageous like that. This is just a tiny union of Indies. :) Well, please check out the 35 great games and support their development!

Go to "Not on Steam Sale"[notonsteam.com]

31 mei 2013 - Turtle Cream

If you're planning to visit E3 this year, check out the IndieCade Showcase there. 6180 the moon was selected for the IndieCade Showcase @E3! This is a big chance for us to show our to a large audience. We're hyped.

As you probably know, 6180 the moon was selected for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop 2013[www.experimental-gameplay.org] as well, and it was an awesome experience for us, but it was still just a 5 minute presentation. This time, we have a lot of time to show off our game to people! We'll be at our game's booth for all three days at E3. Hope to meet more awesome people at the booth. See you around there! :)

IndieCade Showcase @ E3 Show Dates:
June 11-13, Los Angeles Convention Center
Booth Number 3035, South Hall

16 april 2013 - Turtle Cream

We've launched our game on Desura. If you're interested in our game, grab it right now to start playing! :) The game is also on our official blog's Humbe Store module. They're both DRM free. All customers will get a Steam key, too, when we launch our game on Steam. So spread the word!

Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/6180-the-moon
Humble Store: http://www.turtle-cream.com

9 maart 2013 - Turtle Cream

The moon has finally started its journey. "6180 the moon" launched today on The Debut Bundle via Indie Royale! You can grab our game and soundtracks with other great games for an extremely low price. If you liked the game, please vote yes on Greenlight! :)

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