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6180 the moon
6180 the moon on Indie Royale!
9 marca 2013 - Turtle Cream

The moon has finally started its journey. "6180 the moon" launched today on The Debut Bundle via Indie Royale! You can grab our game and soundtracks with other great games for an extremely low price. If you liked the game, please vote yes on Greenlight! :)

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Komentarzy: 3
(KORE)별명의뜻 10 marca 2013 o 9:02 
I bought the Indie Royale Debut Bundle!! I really anticipate it. And I was upvote the greenlight.
WanderRook ~ 🅻🅾🆅🅴 9 marca 2013 o 11:37 
voted & bought :)
Turtle Cream 9 marca 2013 o 10:11 
Of cause you can get a Steam key when the game has been greenlit.