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Fortress Forever
Fortress Forever has been Greenlit!
2013. október 27. - squeek.

Thank you to everyone that voted and helped to spread the word about our mod. Being Greenlit was considered something of a long shot, and we are thrilled to see it happen.

What does this mean for FF?

It means that sometime in the future, you'll be able to install Fortress Forever directly through Steam and you will receive updates automatically.

When will that happen?

Unfortunately, this is still something we are trying to figure out. It could be soon, or it could be not soon at all, depending on some information we are still waiting to find out. Sorry to be so ambiguous. Once we get more information, we'll be able to let you know with more certainty what will be happening.


Note: for anyone currently having trouble connecting to servers or compiling maps, see this thread[forums.fortress-forever.com] on the Fortress Forever forums.

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Nova ● Oxycore ☭ aug. 23. @ de. 10:23 
İ want that game on steam!!!
5-yr old HELLION!!! aug. 19. @ de. 7:44 
smsa99 aug. 17. @ de. 11:33 
я хочу эту игру
[HL1RU] Loomynarti aug. 1. @ de. 7:50 
Adding achievements and trading would make FF Funner then TFC by a little, so you should consider adding those 2 things
[HL1RU] Loomynarti aug. 1. @ de. 7:47 
DONT ADD HATS!! It will ruin the game for all, just keep it the same way since its based off TFC
Inkaaz aug. 1. @ de. 1:52 
Apfelstrudel júl. 31. @ du. 1:52 
Bronan The Brobarian júl. 21. @ du. 8:19 
Hope it comes out soon! Also I'm hoping for a lot of new players! :)
◊GsT◊ Hakan júl. 21. @ de. 10:03 
m3atball2012 júl. 20. @ de. 10:58 
please make it for linux if its on steam