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Derrick the Deathfin
Derrick the Deathfin is 50% off this week if you buy direct!
12 февруари 2013 - gordon

Go go go! [derrickthedeathfin.com]

Sale for one week only! If we get on Steam you *will* get a key if you buy direct from us.

About that: please upvote us we need more votes to get onto Steam!

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11 коментара
Filicali 23 януари 2014 в 6:19 сутринта 
sankers1 18 декември 2013 в 10:52 следобед 
You can buy it at the Humble Bundle Store for 3.99 right now, It's on sale untill 12/20/13 I think.
sankers1 18 декември 2013 в 10:46 следобед 
Looks cool, I just bought it, I will see if it is.
gordon 26 март 2013 в 5:05 следобед 
Hi Nijuu, yes I believe so, so go for it!
Nijuu 26 март 2013 в 3:15 следобед 
Its in IR Mighty Bundle. Will those who buy it from there get a steamkey if this game is greenlighted?
gordon 22 февруари 2013 в 3:24 следобед 
It's a Unity game @Prothean , so on Windows standalone players, PlayerPrefs are stored in the registry under HKCU\Software[company name][product name] key. Should be Different Tuna\DerricktheDeathfin. Hope that helps!
gordon 22 февруари 2013 в 3:21 следобед 
Linux version will be up on the humble store when it is cooked indeed @muntdefems so u can get a free copy if already bought.
Prothean 17 февруари 2013 в 9:59 сутринта 
Just purchased... hoping to be able to add this to my Steam library at some point ;-)

By the way, where are the game saves stored? I'm on Windows.
muntdefems 13 февруари 2013 в 5:21 следобед 
Bought it yesterday. I assume the Linux version will be uploaded to the Humble Store whenever it is released.
Touch My Box 12 февруари 2013 в 7:58 следобед 
Bought. Just need that linux client now. :)