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We are Greenlit!!!!!
2013. június 28. - luckypause

We are so excited to report that we just got Greenlit! We are absolutely thrilled!

Thank you to all our supports on Steam Greenlight, for your upvotes and comments, and thank you to our Kickstarter backers, without you this wouldn't be possible! Thank you also to everyone in the press and otherwise, that has written previews and other posts about us, your support has been invaluable.

And thank you to Valve!

- the Lucky Pause team

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43 megjegyzés
Gottloser 2013. szept. 7., 5:27 
Instant Buy
SpatziMaus 2013. aug. 6., 13:40 
Dream 2013. júl. 31., 1:26 
Oh this game has to make it to the market!!!
Modymo 2013. júl. 24., 7:24 
Congratulations! So glad I voted!
rar3427 2013. júl. 23., 1:41 
Errn 2013. júl. 22., 4:05 
yay!! congratz!
dabauckham 2013. júl. 21., 7:17 
Great news, congrats!
Tideswell 2013. júl. 17., 13:40 
Congrats! :D
Shermen744 2013. júl. 8., 14:16 
Congratulations Lucky Pause team!
The 1nteger 2013. júl. 7., 4:51