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Galactic Arms Race
Steam Gifts Giveaway
29. Januar 2013 - Astral Projection

We are giving away 25,000 free copies of GAR on Steam Gifts.


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35 Kommentare
Harold bot☢ 7. Feb. 2013 um 8:00 Uhr 
Ya! I fail!
[FUCA] Flubber 6. Feb. 2013 um 14:19 Uhr 
Thanks a lot for this giveaway.
Joeru 6. Feb. 2013 um 0:38 Uhr 
Thanks for the giveaway on steamgifts. About to give the game a test run. Fingers crossed.
Shiny_Valkyrie xygaming.com 5. Feb. 2013 um 18:32 Uhr 
Hello @ Astral Projection,

I've won one key in the giveaway but my key doesn't activate on my steam account, it says it's a duplicate. Can you send me another key or see what is wrong please?
Subnux 5. Feb. 2013 um 8:48 Uhr 
@Astral Projection many thanks bro... hugs
TheUnknown 5. Feb. 2013 um 8:37 Uhr 
I won, thank you soo much for such an awsome game, :)
The Angry Clown 5. Feb. 2013 um 8:24 Uhr 
How I can buy that game?
HHStrike 5. Feb. 2013 um 7:32 Uhr 
I've won, how can I play it?
nicoper 5. Feb. 2013 um 7:06 Uhr 
ClayMeow It IS on steam just not available to the public, like Gear Up.
nicoper 5. Feb. 2013 um 7:03 Uhr 
I won a copy of the game :D (I feel sorry for the almost 5k people who didnt get it)