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Freedom Planet
Widescreen, Mac and Linux Demos In The Works
23. Januar 2013 - GalaxyTrail

This has been quite a crazy week for us in a good way! We've been taking time to listen to some of the constructive feedback our fans have been giving, and we're continuing to improve the gameplay in a variety of ways.

For starters, the game will now feature widescreen by default, in addition to a redesigned HUD that makes better use of the extra space. Fullscreen will still be an option, of course.

In addition, we've significantly increased the speed at which the Energy meter fills up. For Lilac, this means she can perform a Dragon Boost every 4 seconds or so instead of having to run back and forth to build it up. In addition, using the boost while running on the ground will now carry her across the surface instead of bouncing her against it, making it a great way to reach full speed without the use of slopes.

These changes and more will be featured in the next version of the demo, which should be coming in a few months. We are actively working with developers of the Anaconda runtime and hope to get Mac and Linux demos ready by this time as well.

Right on!