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Cannons Lasers Rockets
December 24, 2013 - Morion

This year, you gave us the greatest gift of your trust. Together, we passed Steam Greenlight and watched our game turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful gunship. You supported us, shared our excitement and did not shy away from pointing out our mistakes. You were with us — and it was a great year.

For all your dedication to our game, we would like to thank you and wish you happy holidays and all the best in the new year!

October 30, 2013 - Morion

Hurray! Now we will be available on Steam to everybody — on Windows, Mac nad Linux alike - as soon as the game is completed.
We are extremely happy that this has finally happened. We'd like to thank every one of our supporters personally, but that would take too much space — and you know who you are, anyway!
As for our game, we're restlessly working on it — creating more and more (and yet more!) ships, refining the physics, programming the game modes. You can expect a lot of good news and interesting material very soon — to get all of it as soon as possible, follow us on Greenlight and in Steam!

And remember, this was a small step for Greenlight, but a giant leap for Cannons Lasers Rockets!

May 30, 2013 - Player K

We bring out our first, still very early, playable version of our game! Now for the first time you can grab control of some of the ships and see for yourself what our approach to space combat feels like! And we've got something more that you'll no doubt find very interesting - an unusual game mode!

We’re very excited to tell you about our new game mode, but first things first. You now can go and PLAY the game. To do it, follow this link:
and download the game client. It does not need any installation, just unpack it wherever you like. When you run the client, you’ll see a request for your password - which none of you have as of yet. You’ll need to press the “GUEST” button. This will let you enter the fully-functional game but will not save your progress between game sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: you’ll need at least four players online to enter combat; the timer that says “Time until next battle starts: 0 sec” does not actually count anything yet - it’s just a placeholder.

Everything is pretty intuitive, but if you need something, browse the PDF files in the game folder - the control scheme and the game interface are described there. The game is, mind you, still pretty rough - there’s only a handful of ships, some assets are still placeholders, there’s no social elements like leaderboards and trophies. And there’s only one game mode. And yes, we’re eager to tell you about this game mode.

How did we arrive at it? Well, you've asked many times about "smart" weapons, like missiles able to seek enemy ships, so that got us thinking and we thought of drones. There's some necessary but boring stuff in team combat that nobody likes to do but somebody has to. So why not put some unmanned small ships to do those jobs? Naturally, ships should be able to put drones onto battlespace, and set objectives for them, but after that drones will think for themselves and won't bother players - unless, of course, they're enemy players.

So our new game mode shows a tiny little bit of what drones are going ot be capable of.
So what's the deal? Game mode is called Anthill and it separates the players into two teams. Each team has a home base to guard and an enemy base to destroy. These are your “Anthills”. Bases are not toothless - they shoot powerful laser beams at one another. Whichever team’s base explodes first, loses. To prevent this from happening, a swarm of repair drones flies in to aid each team. Naturally, you don't only have enemy ships to fight, but also enemy drones to destroy - otherwise, their base will never run out of structure points. Shooting at drones will distract them - they'll pursue you and forget about their main job. Think of this as if worker ants were coming to the anthills and the warrior ants’ job was to stop them from repairing the anthill.

To sum up: keep your base safe, protect your drones, destroy enemy drones and blow up as many opposing ships as possible! There are also turrets to capture, bonuses to pick up and asteroids to destroy on every map.

How do I get the edge?
Unlike drones, player ships are all different, albeit created equal. Every ship type has unique qualities that reinforce a specific play style. Special abilities of the ships are called "technologies" and there are generally-available ones that any player can buy, and ship-specific technologies. To buy a technology, you get to the star gate anв open the "Combat shop" - and there you'll find every stealth-module, bomb charge and speed augmenter you need.

How do you earn money for the shop?
Oh, it's not money, it's combat experience that you spend, and gaining it is obvious and fun - blow something up! Enemy ships, drones, turrets, asteroids - it doesn't matter, if it can explode, it's worth points. There's, as we promised, no grinding - you're rewarded only for the fun stuff that you're here to do anyway.

What about free-for-all, assault, or any other well-known game modes?
We did not sacrifice any basic game mode for an esoteric one. It's just that we want your opinion on the Anthill mode, so we included it into the playable version now. In the next game version, you'll find more new things and game modes, and in the one after that - something new again! We want to have a game mode for every kind of fun you can imagine, so stay tuned - there's more to come!
Download our game client here

May 22, 2013 - Sdols

We come out of deep space to take you on a tour aboard one of our ships - the quick and deadly Nebular Hunter. This is the first in the series of introductory videos showcasing many starships that will become available to you in our game.

Nebular Hunter
An agile ship with relatively light armor and a medium-capacity shield which are greatly complemented by her formidable laser absorption ability. She is armed with a powerful close-range laser whose only weakness is its high rate of energy consumption. The ship is additionally equipped with a rear-facing slug-shooter that cannot cause a lot of damage but is very handy at attacking any pursuers.
Nebular Hunter approaches her targets unnoticed, shoots when still concealed and then chases half-destroyed enemy until the job is done. This ship is often used for making ambushes and praised for her ability to cause maximum damage in a minimal amount of time. She’s unmatched in the job of finishing off already-damaged opponents. And when the odds are against her, Nebular Hunter flees with the same incredible speed that she uses for pursuit.
The main technology used on the Nebular Hunter is Stealth, and the rest of her techs support and boost ship's abilities in stealth mode and increase her chances to successfully flee after attacking.
Stealth technology brings the ship into Stealth mode for 30 seconds. When in Stealth, you can only be detected by scanners when the other ships are extremely close to you. The drawback is that when you are hidden, your ship’s maximum speed, acceleration and energy regeneration are reduced by 30%. If you activate any weapons or technologies, the ship will come out of Stealth mode. She will also be revealed if you take damage.
Upgrades to the main technology reduce penalties to the ship's parameters and increase the time you can stay in Stealth mode.
Spurt technology, when activated, gives a bonus to the current speed of the ship that amounts to 50% of your maximum speed. This allows you to immediately gain a huge speed advantage over anybody. Upgrades for this tech make the speed boost even bigger.
Quiet shooter technology works in the background and gives you a chance to stay in Stealth mode when you use your main weapon. It begins at 3% and then slowly goes up when upgraded.

February 1, 2013 - Sdols

We are excited to present our first gameplay video to you. It's pretty rough but it shows what we aim to do.
Right now we are sweating over the game client application, which brings us closer and closer to demo version. Soon you'll be able to try it. Thank you for your continued support.

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