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ACE Online
ACE Online Episode 4.3 Unleashed!
October 24, 2013 - Suba Games

You waited long enough, and now it's finally here! The long-awaited Episode 4.3 has been unleashed to our eager community! Go forth, play and be happy!

In addition to the changes reported below, you can also look forward to a massively boosted Happy Hour for the foreseeable future, and if you log in today or on the 25th of October, you will receive a free Contour Capsule.

Check out the update's key features below:

New Maps & Missions

Fight your way across two new combat maps, the NGC Secret Base and NGC Military Shipyard, and tackle challenging PvE missions as you take the fight directly to the nefarious NGC faction. Defeat their combat drones and uncover their darkest evil secrets!

Nation Contribution Point Overhaul

The NCP system in ACE Online has been radically overhauled to provide more fair and balanced gameplay for both nations. NCP calculation now better takes into account overall nation victories, and players on a nation will receive exclusive PvE buffs for win streaks! The nation that’s fallen behind in points, meanwhile, will receive gradually increasing PvP bonuses to help the nation get back in the game!

New Outpost War

Episode 4.3 brings a special new Outpost to conquer, the NGC Outpost. Located inside the new NGC Military Shipyard, the NGC Military Outpost features a battle that takes place over multiple maps that requires players to take down a powerful boss, the NGC’s prototype death-bot Gomora and its protection nodes! Once it’s down, brigades can wage war for control of the entire territory!

New Contour System

Players can equip their contours in style using the brand new Contour Collection system, which changes contours into global account unlocks that players can manage from a centralized screen. Now, a single skin can be used on multiple armors at once, and added or removed at any time. And that’s not all! The new contour system will also allow the Suba Games team to add special bonus PvE stats to specific contours – look forward to those in the future!

Crafting System Update

The brand-new Factory update ensures you’ll never be left wondering which items to combine with which! Now you can browse a full list of recipes and see exactly what you need to get that cool new armor, or how to combine your thousands of crafting materials together into something a bit more compact.

Upgraded Skills & Items

Strengthen your GEAR with brand-new level 100+ skills, and go to town with higher-level armors! These upgrade tiers let you pack even more protection and firepower!

And last, for those who want the full nitty-gritty changes:

New Features & Changes

- NCP system overhauled (kills no longer give NCP, now only PvP events contribute; added nation buffs for win streaks and losing nation)
- Added new upgraded +100 level skills for all GEARs
- Updated Factory to allow you to auto-complete recipes if you have the appropriate materials, and added lookup feature to search for recipes
- Added new maps: NGC Secret Base, NGC Military Shipyard and NGC Outpost
- New Outpost War occurs in NGC Secret Base and requires players to take down a powerful boss, NGC Gomora
- Outpost War time has been reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour
- New contour system implemented (see below for details)
- Contour Capsules have both tradeable and non-tradeable versions
- Brand new WWII style contours added for all GEARs!
- Weight of several armors and weapons has been re-balanced
- Added new V10-V15 slot armors and WP Advanced armors (Powerup and Powerdown Cards have had pricing adjusted accordingly)
- Players cannot use Call of Hero 1 minute before and after Mothership appearing (anti-abuse feature)
- New nation leader item: Flight Lockdown Card (prevents a player from leaving a city for 30 minutes, anti-abuse feature)
- Updated maps to highlight more quest locations
- Updated localization text (in-game text, system messages, character selection screen, FAQ update is incoming too)

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

- Fixed exception error & incorrect data when viewing Mothership War tab in Outpost Management
- Fixed blurry brigade text fields in Outpost Management screen
- Added warning message when enchanting engines
- Fixed warehouse enchant display bug (armor would incorrectly show huge enchant numbers in some rare cases)
- Fixed a few items that had broken/incorrect icons
- Added correct word wrap to mail system
- Fixed brigade search list date length being too long, dates have been shortened
- Fixed Conclave prefix/suffix stat bug
- Added more info when a player is banned (no longer have to log in again to see the ban reason)
- Player can use most capsule-type items even when their inventory is full (including Membership)
- Added music to a few maps that were missing it
- RM-230 will now drop Superior Inferno

We hope to see you all in the game today!