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ACE Online
Maintenance Update 18/07/2013
18 juli, 2013 - Suba Games

Hey everyone,

We've got a new update online today. Notes are below:

  • Improved behavior for detecting when game client is inactive, you should hopefully be kicked less often while the game is minimized (we're still working on getting this solved)
  • Your skill bar selection should be saved more frequently now, to prevent loss of hotkeyed skills in case you are disconnected
  • Players can now only give gifts at level 70 or above
  • At the War Point Shop, your item selection will now be cleared upon making the purchase (prevents re-buying the same items accidentally)
  • Numerous back-end improvements and fixes
There may be a more substantial patch in the next week or two, as this one just cleans up a few outstanding issues. We'll keep you posted about it.

We're aware that the balance situation right now between ANI and BCU could be better. For that reason, we're currently going to be restricting nation resets for players on ANI. Additionally, any ANI brigade that wants to move to BCU to help us get a more balanced server again, please have your leader send in a support ticket and we will consider transferring you to BCU. We know of at least one rivalry that's begging to be settled...

We've extended the Happy Hour... er, hours, into Friday night and Monday morning (specifically, 12 PM Friday to 12 PM Monday). We got a lot of requests from players in different time zones or those who have lots of game time on Friday nights, so hopefully this lets you get in a little more action.

Last, the bonus XP rates during normal gameplay also now apply to level 100 players, to help balance out those who have been reaching for 110 with those who are lower levels - getting to 110 is still a big accomplishment, but this lets players who want to use level 100+ items have a better shot at it. Because many weapons at these levels have stats that better counter the defense/evasion prefixes and suffixes, this should help improve game balance.

Have a good one everybody!