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Electric Circuit
Update 1.1
3. února 2013 - Sergei

Good all day!

Took the time to improve a little game. Introduced animation connected to power and disconnect it. Added dialog displaying the results. And a little something where improved mapping.

Plans to soon to add a new game mode. The player will be given a certain number of wires. And he has to put them on the map itself so as to connect all the bulbs.

Waiting for your comments!

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Počet komentářů: 7
‡Dr.House‡ 3. čvc. 2014 v 0.04 
Сёрега молодец! Нормальную тему придумал) Надеюсь наберёт популярности)
pyxxel 10. led. 2014 v 7.04 
Hello, have you any info when this will be released?
Jack Dark 18. pro. 2013 v 14.41 
Идея игры похожая как в трубах (точное название не помню).
Было бы интересно поиграть.
Sergei 16. úno. 2013 v 22.45 
Thank you!

I'm working on the new update, a new game mode.
Brains and Braum 16. úno. 2013 v 12.02 
OK thanks, I think I would buy it, I'm a fan of electrical shizzle-wizzle. I'll add my vote.
Sergei 16. úno. 2013 v 8.48 
Good day!

It will cost 1.5$.
Brains and Braum 16. úno. 2013 v 8.41 
Is it free? If not, how much does it cost?