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2013 年 03 月 13 日 - IndieDB

Creating an indie game or got recommendations for us? Then get in touch or add your game, we encourage all developers creating games from small exploratory ideas, to big ambitious projects to share their vision and development progress. Hopefully we can help you get a few greenlight votes!

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proteuspixel 05 月 18 日 @ 下午 7 時 52 分 
Ted by Dawn is a retro action platformer. Survivin' the apocalypse with a double barrel shotgun and a whiskey stained beard.
hamstercube 05 月 7 日 @ 上午 4 時 00 分 
Hi Indie DB! Hello everyone! We wanted to share our RPG about cats with you.
Take a look and tell us what you think. The Chronicles of Nyanya have started!
Indie DB:
howlinghamstergames 04 月 21 日 @ 上午 8 時 41 分 
Hi, please take a look at our game, Trench, and consider it for your collection.

​In Trench you are the pilot of a mini sub, a scavenger, and the last hope for the world. You must venture into the deepest trenches of our oceans and blast your way past some seriously nasty monsters to recover fragments of the meteor that is spawning these alien creatures.

The monsters come at you from all angles so you must spin your craft around 360° to engage in combat. You will need to scavenge supplies and weapons for your sub from the sunken wrecks that litter the ocean floor.
SemagStudio 03 月 26 日 @ 上午 8 時 54 分 
Please give our game Wubmarine a vote. Thanks!
SOMI 03 月 23 日 @ 下午 7 時 07 分 
RETSNOM, I've made a mirror maze game. Please check it.
LaberosStar 03 月 13 日 @ 下午 3 時 35 分 
Hack n' Slash / Beat 'em Up Style Game centered around a randomly generated maze -
Occultimate Games 03 月 8 日 @ 上午 1 時 58 分 
Spooky Poo's HAPPY HELL - The Devil's 3D platformer!
RonNi3 the headBanger! 02 月 7 日 @ 上午 9 時 12 分 
Please check us.

My puzzle-horror game;

Sam Barlow 01 月 22 日 @ 上午 2 時 21 分 
Sam Barlow Just now Delete
Hi! Just added my game Her Story to indieDB. The Greenlight is over here:
Would love to get some support and help win some hearts and minds!
CreativoLife 01 月 13 日 @ 上午 8 時 10 分 
Please check us out.

Creativo Life an MMO where UplayU