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Valcarta: Rise of the Demon
Game Update - Update
May 24, 2014 - Talon

Just letting you guys know that our major overhaul of the game is coming along nicely.

Almost all of the original maps of the game are being redone.
Adding custom art for Characters during talking, enemies in battle and even some sprites
We are also elaborating on each and every scene in the original game, increasing the level of detail and the expanding the exposure to the world and it's lore through the natural and optional game progression.
After all of these changes, it is looking like the games length will be changing. With the higher level of detail in the scenes, the difficulty of bosses and the reduction of 'grindy-ness", and brand new mapping (new look and feel of zones and also zone-wide mechanics/mini-puzzles) we will likely hold true to the 20hrs per path, but it may end up being longer! We will be sure to keep you updated on the games progress.
As it stands, we are looking to have this all wrapped up and ready to relaunch by late July. We are currently #53 on Greenlight, which is wonderful! Within the next month, we hope to be able to show off our progress to you in the form of a trailer so that you can see the massive changes we have made to the game compared to the original post.

Thanks for the continued support
Talon - Blacksword Games