Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

24. juli, 2013 - Discord Games

We've been Greenlit! A huge thanks to everyone that helped us reach 75,000 YES votes and pushed it through the gates. We are very grateful for all your support and interest in Chasm!

31. mai, 2013 - Discord Games

The private Developer Forums are now up and accessible for both Kickstarter backers and Humble pre-orderers. We will be starting to post regular updates very soon.

If you pre-ordered through Humble, check out your download page now for directions to gain access. If you're a Kickstarter backer, first ensure your Kickstarter email address and forum email address are the same, then visit this page[] to gain access.

If you haven't pre-ordered yet, and would like access to the Developer Forum and Early Access (ETA early 2014), you can pre-order[] the Silver tier now for only $25!

12. mai, 2013 - Discord Games

Chasm has been successfully funded! We reached 127% of our goal by raising $191,897 from 6,938 dedicated fans. Thank you so much everyone for your amazing and truly inspiring support.

Humble Store[] pre-orders will continue to work towards our Stretch Goals for the next year, so don't worry if we didn't hit your favorite. We should hopefully reach Arena mode soon, and then start working towards Crafting. We'll keep you up to date as Goals are reached.

We just moved up to #8 on Greenlight, so hopefully we'll be getting approved in the next month or so. Please keep the votes coming in to help secure our position!

We'll have some more info coming soon on our next steps, but it's time to take a quick breather and regroup before we jump into Pre-Production. Thank you so much once again for helping make Chasm a reality!

11. mai, 2013 - Discord Games

The Chasm Kickstarter campaign has just about come to an end. We're almost 125% funded, and cleared 2 stretch goals with a third looking likely.

If you didn't get to back in time, check out where you can pre-order the game now via Humble Store. Your pre-order will count towards our Stretch Goals and help ensure the game is packed with even more content on release.

We'll be live streaming[] at 9:30 PM EST tonight until the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Come say hi, and maybe win some free swag!

8. mai, 2013 - Discord Games

You can now back the game by pre-ordering it through our site via Humble Store. Funds earned through pre-orders will be applied to our Kickstarter Stretch Goals to unlock even more awesome content!

Humble Store currently accepts payment through Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet - so hopefully that should work for just about everybody.

You can place your pre-order now at!

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