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9. april 2013 - sensorium7

A fresh batch of screenshots from the Chasm GDC demo have been posted on the Greenlight page. If you haven't seen the game in its full pixely glory in a while, be sure to check them out now!

23. marts 2013 - sensorium7

Check out the first official trailer for Chasm!
We'll be at GDC Play March 26th-28th showing off Chasm to the press. If you happen to be at GDC, come on by and check out the playable demo.

Also, we've managed to spend every dollar earned on previous games creating the first area of Chasm. To keep production going and get this game made, we've decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the beginning of April. Let's be clear: without your support, this game will not happen. We have an awesome team of highly skilled people, but we're all doing this nearly full-time and have run out of funds. With your help, we can secure funding to continue development and get this thing made! More details coming soon, but in the mean-time you can support us by telling everyone you know about Chasm, and helping us reach the top on Greenlight!

9. marts 2013 - poe

Game Development
The team has been extremely busy preparing the game for people to demo at GDC (we'll be at kiosk 7 in the play area!). A lot of time has gone into bringing the enemy count up to eleven. We also acquired a very talented artist named Glauber Kotaki who specializes in making animations.

Tony has also been hard at work putting some great backgrounds into the game to make it look more interesting.

A forum was setup as well, and we would love if you came on to voice suggestions or feedback you might have for what you see in the game, come check it out![]

Also be sure to check out our weekly blog posts, here's week one.[]

Come and hang out with us on irc[] as well!

In just three months we've reached spot #34 on Greenlight because of the incredible support you guys have given us. Please help us in the homestretch for Top 10 by sharing the game with your friends and family.

19. januar 2013 - sensorium7

I'm just updating this announcement now so everyone can see where we are. Thanks a ton for the votes everyone. Please let your friends and family know about Chasm as well, every vote counts!

12. januar 2013 - sensorium7

Thought I'd put some of the questions here that are most asked for easy reference. I will try and keep this list up to date as we go on.

Q: How far into development is the game?
A: Pretty early! We just started in late October 2012. We've been mostly focusing on the engine, tools, and getting core stuff into the game as quickly as possible. Over the next couple months, we will steadily be focusing more on content, and less on the engine and tools as they're completed. There's still a lot of work-in-progress stuff in there, so it will continue to look better as we go.

Q: Will there be more swords/potions/enemies/etc.?
A: Yes! We have tons of stuff coming up in the near future.

Q: Will items change your characters appearance?
A: Weapons like swords and such will look different when you use them. Items like helmets or jewelry will NOT be visible. However, we are planning on doing a system similar to Diablo where tiers of armor will completely change your characters appearance! So if you put on Studded Leather Armor or Hide Leather, your character will change to a leather-clad version.

Q: Will there be boss battles?
A: Yep! Each area will contain 3 procedurally generated dungeon floors, and at the end of the 3rd floor you will square off against a boss. We're also planning on random mini-boss battles as well.

Q Is there permadeath?
A: Not in the normal game mode. You will reincarnate in town after dying minus a penalty (EQ drop, gold, or something of the like). I'm planning on a "Hardcore" game mode with permadeath and scoring to keep things interesting.

Q Are you doing crowdfunding/alpha access/preview releases?
A: I'm currently undecided on all of those. We're going to GDC in March to show off Chasm in the GDC Play area, so our goal is to have the first area of the game done by then. That should also be a good time to decide on how to produce the rest of the game. I definitely don't have enough money on hand to do the whole thing, so some solution will eventually be needed. I do NOT want to ask anyone for money though until I have something representable of the final product that they can play.

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