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New Chasm GDC Trailer & Kickstarter Announcement
23 березня 2013 р. - sensorium7

Check out the first official trailer for Chasm!
We'll be at GDC Play March 26th-28th showing off Chasm to the press. If you happen to be at GDC, come on by and check out the playable demo.

Also, we've managed to spend every dollar earned on previous games creating the first area of Chasm. To keep production going and get this game made, we've decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the beginning of April. Let's be clear: without your support, this game will not happen. We have an awesome team of highly skilled people, but we're all doing this nearly full-time and have run out of funds. With your help, we can secure funding to continue development and get this thing made! More details coming soon, but in the mean-time you can support us by telling everyone you know about Chasm, and helping us reach the top on Greenlight!

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ThaDeadOne 9 кві 2013 о 8:25 
Can someone explain to me why kickstarter is sad? I think it is a great way to put a product out on the market and also give something to the fans as well as get some extra $$$ to make their product. I know this game will be well worth the money to support their kickstarter. If you think kickstarter is sad then you need to do some more research.
Arlo 26 бер 2013 о 9:49 
Pretty damn excited for this!
Oenai 25 бер 2013 о 10:34 
Very slick game you have in the works here, will definitely be keeping an eye out on Kickstarter for you :)
McMarius11 25 бер 2013 о 6:58 
and make a kickstarter dudes lets get it on!!!!
McMarius11 25 бер 2013 о 6:57 
i want this game dudes!!!
Harest 25 бер 2013 о 5:10 
Kickstarter everywhere, sad world.
ThaDeadOne 24 бер 2013 о 18:48 
Count me in this game is awesome!! Thank you for doing Kickstarter.
Dieithrio 24 бер 2013 о 17:24 
Then, you should create a "Thank You Kickstarerers" special section in the game for the backers. :)
sensorium7 24 бер 2013 о 14:40 
Thanks guys!

@Hennessy We definitely will ;)
HowlingLotus 24 бер 2013 о 13:45 
Make an announcement when kickstarter campaign is ready to go! This is easily one of my most anticipated greenlight games and want to see on steam!