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Where we've been
9 de Março de 2013 - poe

Game Development
The team has been extremely busy preparing the game for people to demo at GDC (we'll be at kiosk 7 in the play area!). A lot of time has gone into bringing the enemy count up to eleven. We also acquired a very talented artist named Glauber Kotaki who specializes in making animations.

Tony has also been hard at work putting some great backgrounds into the game to make it look more interesting.

A forum was setup as well, and we would love if you came on to voice suggestions or feedback you might have for what you see in the game, come check it out![discordgames.com]

Also be sure to check out our weekly blog posts, here's week one.[discordgames.com]

Come and hang out with us on irc[client02.chat.mibbit.com] as well!

In just three months we've reached spot #34 on Greenlight because of the incredible support you guys have given us. Please help us in the homestretch for Top 10 by sharing the game with your friends and family.

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fLESHeye -SWE- 17 Mar, 2013 às 16:09 
I want this, I want this, I waaaant iiiit noooooow!!!
.PrimeMover. 17 Mar, 2013 às 12:18 
I am very eager to see this go up!
Eclipse 16 Mar, 2013 às 23:27 
This looks sick.
Darkerson 13 Mar, 2013 às 22:25 
Want! And yes, I voted! :D
[Ao2]Elde 12 Mar, 2013 às 2:39 
im developing a metroidvania game myself based underwater (not aquariaclone), its handpainted tho but this style just charms me man...REALLY goodlooking game! i will vote u guys to the finishline anyway i can!
Pickledude95 11 Mar, 2013 às 9:25 
This looks like it will be a great game at some point keep at it.
spacerik 9 Mar, 2013 às 22:38 
Wow animations look good. Keep up the good work. I'm sure this game will be greenlighted very soon.